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Song of the chapter: Better Than Words, One Direction.


"So you need to do it, they deserve it!" Linda continues following people from my phone, she is finally trying to understand my fame life... she always supports me and goes to concerts but really never talks to me about famous things.

Our current topic is Twitter, we already talked about Vine and Instagram so now is time to change.

It's so cute to see her this excited about every social network I'm teaching her to use, she never had stuff like this when little and I get her, she didn't have a normal teenager life so she never did things nowadays girls do, or maybe she did but the ones bad girls do...

"Look at this picture!" She points me in the screen, it's an old picture from 2011 I guess... this stalking fans thing is so overjoyed by her.

"You were lovely, Jesus Christ!" She squeals and I laugh, "it will be my first post on Tumblr..." She opens the next tab and reblogs it.

"Your curls were just so... curly," she continues complimenting me I guess?

"Yeah and my eyes were so eyed," I roll my eyes laughing.

"Shut up dumbass..."

This is what we do mostly all the way to London, we create every kind of social network existent and I burst into laughter when we create Snapchat, I am really enjoying this silly moment we are having right now.

"My mom will be in London too in a few hours, I planned with Jac to bring her back with Joe... I am scared it doesn't work," she stifles eerily.

"It will work! You guys just make a dinner and make them spend time alone literally lock them in a room and they will be together again... maybe you'll have a new sibling by then," I joke and she rolls her eyes laughing.

"I won't have any more brothers," she snaps.

"Just think about it... if it's a surprise and Joe doesn't know where is he going and he doesn't know he is meeting your mom... he won't take condoms," I explain, bringing my knees to my chest and placing my feet on the seat in front.

"They won't have sex after not seeing each other for three weeks," she shakes her head and I laugh...

She knows right why I laugh so she blushes and drinks water, I pat her tight and squeeze it.

"Let's sleep, so we are not tired and we can have fun at home," I whisper in her ear and she trembles, nodding and covering her eyes with a mask, one from our merchandise.

When we get to Heathrow it's almost five in the morning and no one is here so it's easy to go to my house without interruptions, I will have two days off here with her and I just love it so much.


Linda's POV.

"You really think?" I ask Jacob.

He is here in Harry's house, sitting beside me while we scroll pictures of romantic dinners to know what we will need for today.

"Yeah," he nods.

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