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I open my eyes and they hurt instantly so I close them again, all the curtains are closed. After crying and drinking I am dehydrated so I can't really do much right now. I am coming back to reality and little by little feel my complete body, then some pressure exerted on my hips and squint realising it is Harry's arm. I know I'm full-dressed but I don't get why he is here and in my bed... sleeping with me.

I don't know what happened yesterday, I just remember I came home and watched the awards. Then I decided to go to the after party and... I can't remember anything else just that I got there.

My head hurts so much, I can't even try to remember anything else because it would hurt me more so I just turn around slowly so I don't wake him up and now I'm in front of him. His hand moves to my butt and he encloses me to him, our noses now brushing.

What happened yesterday? Did we get back together and that's why he is here sleeping with me? I don't really remember anything, I just know his lips look so kissable and my lips are getting closer to his. I press them against his slightly and feel him smiling, I know he's sleeping still so I just get my face off of him and rest my head on his shoulder trying to sleep again.

"Guys?" I hear someone calling, that person opens slowly the door and when I open my eyes to see who it is they burn so hard that I cover my entire face.

"Oh God, what time is it?" Harry asks, sitting on the bed as me.

"Almost lunch time," Kaylee laughs, "do you want me to bring you your breakfast here?"

I shake my head no while Harry nods, Kaylee just laughs. "I'll bring you your breakfast!" she smiles and shuts the door.

"No Louis, you can't get in there!" I hear her screaming.

I laugh, my head hurts so I just rub my head and stop laughing.

"Are you okay?" he caresses my cheek.

I'm claustrophobic so I run to a balcony and before I can catch my breath I see him kissing Nadine, his eyes are closed and his hand is on her shoulder.

"Don't," I tilt my head so he doesn't touch me.

"No..." I whisper, "not again Harry." And I cry again, I feel drunker than before and when he opens his eyes... "Harry?"

And I just can't anymore, I walk out from the crowd and run away not knowing how my feet manage to run with these pumps but I do. I walk into a bar and buy more alcohol, I get then in a supermarket and buy beer because if I don't mix these beverages I won't get drunk easier.

He sighs, "How are you feeling?"

I'm not okay at all, the fact that I came here to be in peace and I'm feeling like if I was in hell makes me so mad and depressed.

"I need to sleep the entire day, you probably should go."

Why is Harry kissing her? I've got a less curved body, I'm blonde too and probably my eyes aren't blue or green but everyone is always jealous of my eyelashes and eyebrows. We are almost the same but the difference is that she is a Victoria's Secret model so she models lingerie while I don't.

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