I open my eyes and find that Harry isn't beside me. I look for my underwear and put it on, after pulling through my head Harry's shirt.

He couldn't just leave me here after last night, he can't just be mad because of this after we had that; it is so childish.

He enters to the room with two yellow roses and smiles at me.

"I am so sorry and such a dirtbag for what I did yesterday but I was just upset that you didn't tell me about that... Why?" He sighs, moving up and down the roses in his hands.

"Because if I told you so, you would have been pushing us again and I really want it beautiful and slow like right now, like starting everything again without problems." I explain and he hands me the flowers, I smile and he tries to hug me but I jerk away.

"I have roses on my hands, behave!" I say and he laughs.

"So we're going to rehearsals in two hours for today's concert," he takes the roses from my hands and leans me slowly on the bed.

"Let's get going then," I say, tugging a lock of his hair behind his ear.

"I said two hours," he smirks and kisses me.


Once again.

Now we are so late, we need to dress up in ten minutes to go and I am now in my room, begging that Lou doesn't ask me why I didn't sleep in here, I know she knows the answer but it's overwhelming, if she happens to ask me I will rather be dead.

Harry's POV.

Today. I have everything settle down for today, she doesn't know I am going to LA too and there's where I am going to make her mine again, tomorrow we will be a happy couple again and I already planned everything with my friends there.
I want to call her dad so he gives me the permission to make her my girlfriend again and have her family's confidence again.
Fuck, I know I ruined everything but just believing her whole family thinks shit about me is awful, Beatrice could say shit to my mom about me now that they are best friends and I'm just afraid to go home and hear my disappointed Mom telling me that I betrayed the most important thing in my life.

I have everything planned, then we will go to London together and I will have a nice chat with Beatrice. I won her once with a simple talk, it won't be harder now.

I am changing my clothes while still thinking about this girl in the room beside mine changing her clothes again, just if she had have her bags here...

I wear the same outfit I always do, I walk out of the room just in time, everyone's outside talking about yesterday's Derby game and I'm here, in front of the door, waiting her to go out.
Why is she taking too much time? Oh yeah, she's a woman.

"Man, you had fun yesterday... didn't you?" Zayn laughs behind me.

I open my eyes, I don't care if they heard us at all but Zayn just never makes this type of comments lately, he's so hush about our personal lives.

"I-yes," I respond.

"Just be careful pal, you know what Paul told you before the tour started... You are the one breaking the rules here; see how not even Louis is doing it." He warns. "Neither me,"

It's stupid how Managment doesn't let us have relationships during the tour, so that paparazzi and press don't leave behind the tour for our girls.
It's not my fault that she is here, well maybe a little bit now that I cried on Ben's shoulder like a freak.

I don't regret at all.

"But I like her more than the others, so I'll keep the secret." He jokes and laughs.

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