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"Remember when I planned our first date and you didn't attend?" Harry asks me while there's a break during the gig.

"Your stupid rocks folded in paper are hard to forget," I laugh and he raises our entwined hands and crosses it over my head, presses his chest to my back and kisses softly my neck, his arm resting on my hips with my hands on top of theml, "your weird friends... Alexa and Pixie, they're unforgettable too." I laugh just remembering how they acted so strange, how they made me run side to side in one minute.

"They're the best... Alexa still pesters me telling me you're so much smarter than me though," he says and we both laugh.

His arms around my waist and my head on his chest, this is how we stay the rest of the concert. It's weird, it's the first time we are doing something cute around too many people that actually know who Niall and Harry are, I feel bad knowing girls here want to kill me because I'm with their Harry but at the same time I love this, every day I feel more loved.

"Amazing!" Niall exclaims and tugs Kaylee out of the seats, Kay tugs me and I tug Harry.

"Be careful kids!" Preston shouts and we laugh.

We run to Backstage and Niall tells the bodyguards we are invited here and they agree immediately. How can you say no to Niall Horan in a matter of fact?

I see him away, he's even much better-looking than in pictures and he is so nice. We talk a little while with him, we take pictures and I still don't believe I talked to a super celebrity.


"When we met that sexy Brazilian football player!" Kay smelts, literally.

"Kay almost fainted," Niall laughs, "she knows I'm sexier though."

"Course you are!" She hugs him and kisses him.

Niall has taken my best friend to a lot of places and she's met a lot of important people, he is the best boyfriend she could ever wish for. He gives her everyday something and they're not tamed to show love in front of everyone.

Niall found his princess and she's my best friend. Could it be better?

"Stop it lovelies," Harry scolds and hugs my back.

"Let them be baby," I frown and he laughs.

"Don't you hate cheesy people?"

"Yeah but I bear with these two, they're the cutest of all." I explain while they continue cuddling and snogging.

"Aren't we cuter?" He tugs me closer to him and sits me on his lap. He presses his forehead against mine and rubs my cheek.

"I can't judge that," I laugh.

"But I do!" A voice speaks, I smile at Cal and stand up to hug him and greet him.

"How are you?" Cal asks us, including Niall and Kaylee.

"More than good!" Harry replies with a funny voice and we all laugh.

"I already posted it and everyone knows the truth now,"

"Thank you so much, both of you!" I exclaim.

"What happened?" Kaylee asks and I tell her about it.

Then she tells us how people thought she was pregnant because one day she wore a coat and had a teddy bear inside so it didn't get wet. Rumours are stupid and now I know it. Cal has been such a good friend since the first day I met him, I guess he is the only one who really gets to know Harry and I's relationship, from the first flirts to now.

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