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"Wait," he laughs, "is this all about jealousy?" He smirks and bites his bottom lip, "that's why you're more than sexy tonight,"

"Is this a joke to you?" I roll my eyes pestered and make my way to the hotel, this is not just happening.

I walk into the lobby and see Niall, Liam and Sophia there talking to some fans. I call the elevator and it reads "12" which is the last floor.

Your bedroom is the same as Harry's, he will get there any way.

I walk back to the lobby and make my way to the receptionist.

"Do you have a little empty room?" I ask her.

"Oh God Linda, are you serious?" Harry asks almost screaming behind me. "C'mon! Do I act this childish when you talk to Carter?"

I turn around and roll my eyes, all eyes are now on us but I feel like for the first time I don't care and I'll speak out.

"Of course you do, even worse!" I try not to say something so wrong because there are fans here.

"I just have eyes for you and if it isn't clear after everything that's happened six months ago then I don't think you don't get how much you mean to me," his voice is broken and hurt.

He sighs and walks out of the hotel, I don't even know where but with the tension I'm feeling right now I don't feel capable to go after him.

Niall walks to me while Liam and Sophia stay in the back gawking for what they just saw.

"Do you still need the room?" The woman asks me, smiling when I look at her.


"Perfect!" Sophia spins me around and Lou whistles.

"You really think it looks like for a wedding?" I check every part of my body in this dress, I really look good and feel good but maybe it isn't for a marriage.

"Then I look like for a burial," Lou comments pointing her black jumpsuit.

"Too true," I laugh and brush back the lock of hair behind my ear to wear my earrings.

Sophia is wearing a black dress, Lux a pink dress and looks adorable with that ponytail. I haven't seen Eleanor because she is with the bride, I bet she looks gorgeous.

We walk to the corridor where Niall, Liam and Tom are. I take Niall's arm and walk to the car with him.

I don't even know if Harry slept here tonight...

"Linda we know exactly what happened with Paige and believe me and Niall... Harry does not like her at all," Liam assures.

"We don't like intervening in your relationship but we've learnt to love you so much and we don't want you guys to break up or something," Niall places his hand on my shoulder.

"And I don't know who Paige is but I know Harry loves you and anyone else," Sophia adds.

These are real friends, my only friends were Kay and Jacob and now feeling support from others it's just wonderful, I really love them and their whole crew so much... they're like my second family.

"I just think you really need to talk," Liam pouts.

"Calmly talk," Niall reiterates and Sophia laughs.

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