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"A little?" I laugh.

"Okay Linda I'm the girl in this relationship," he rolls his eyes playfully and then places his hands back on my legs.

"Yeah... your hair is longer than mine so probably people believe what you just said now,"

"Silly," he squints and I laugh.

"I'm still a girl so you can't be rude to me," I warn.

"Sorry..." He ducks a little and gives me a long meaningful kiss, one like the ones I haven't felt before and little by little I feel my boyfriend being him again.

Something falls outside; Harry takes my hand so we walk outside.


Yeah, it feels odd being the one who's going to be interviewed and not the one interviewing. The woman hasn't even start talking and I'm so nervous, my hands are shaking along with my legs and the funnier part is that I don't even know what I'll be asked about.

Normally, you send the interview to the interviewer so he can be ready to answer or you're given a list of question you'll be possibly asked... which any of both we're given to us.

*everything will be fine! Just breath and when you feel ashamed laugh, is what I always do .x H*

It reads. I look at him outside the door and he gives me a thumb up and shows me the box with cinnamon rolls he bought me as a gift for when I finish this interview.

*I'm booooooooooooored!* he sends, I look at him as he yawns looking at his phone.

We didn't sleep yesterday, Niall is really sick so we three decided to divide our time taking care of him all night long. I slept the most, Harry and Kaylee thought it was fair now that today I had something important to do and I needed all my strength which I really appreciate because otherwise I'll be sleeping over the desk in this moment.

"Everything will be okay," Carter assures me, placing my hand on my shoulder.

"What are we here for? Like I mean, what we will say or do,"

"Okay... we're not here to talk about Exposed but I just planned all of this so I could let you know something I've been trying to tell you since yesterday,"

"What's that?" I ask worried.

"It's about Paige and Harry, the real truth behind everything Linda..."

I feel something hitting my arm, "Linda!" someone calls my name.

I feel pressure against my stomach so I tilt my head to the left and find Harry, his arm is over me and then I remember that today is the day of the fashion show and we stayed almost up all night watching a long movie about this girl and her boyfriend that fight all the time but they're still together, she's a model and he hates her job because there's this guy who likes her a lot and wants to take her off the boy.

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