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"Because I didn't want to ruin our vacations," I explain.

"Maybe it didn't ruin yours but it ruined mines, you just don't know how much it cost to delete that from tabloids," he isn't yelling and I know it's because Arthur is here, if not he would be throwing stuff and yelling as a freak.

"I'm sorry okay? But I didn't start the fight and it was just her fault, she punched me when I didn't even touch her. I'll pay you back every cent,"

"It's not about money!" He raises his voice a little, "it's about you hiding me things,"

I hear Arthur calling me.

"If this is about hiding things then I'm not the only one hiding things. Don't you think I feel you are hiding me something weeks ago?" I speak the lowest I can so Arthur doesn't listen to us fighting and walk out of the kitchen, looking for my brother.


I wear a black playsuit and black heels and make a ponytail with my hair. I apply eyeliner and a little bit more of shiny lipstick, mess a little my bangs on the front and sigh before opening the bedroom's door and walking to the living room where I see Harry talking to Arthur, he is wearing now a plaid shirt, black jeans and his boots... not a ponytail but his hair wrapped with his bandana - which for me will always be a piece of cloth -, he must have changed while I took my shower.

Arthur laughs jumping over Harry, I think that hitting him on the balls because of his moan and I try so hard not to laugh but I fail.

They both turn around and look at me, even though Harry is angry and I am angry a little with him too, I feel goose bumps by the way he looks at me and tries not to smirk but when I smile he looses it and finally smirks.

"You look a lot like your mom," Arthur speaks, "and she is cute," he nods and I laugh.

"Thank you Thor," I laugh and he shakes his head giggling. "I'll bring my bag with my toys!" He informs and runs away.

"You look really pretty," Harry compliments me, clearing his throat just the way he does when he is nervous.

"Thank you," I focus my eyes to the floor so I don't look at him.

"I am coming with you, I can't leave you alone with Paige now that that incident happened,"

"Harry anything is going to happen," I shake my head, he is really overreacting like if Paige was going literally to do something cruel to me when she's just a bitch.

It's nice that he wants to take care of me but I know too that there's something behind all of this that I still don't know and the sweetness of what he's trying to do to protect me is gone, because maybe looking after me isn't what he's trying to do.

Yes Linda is back, the one who used to trust herself and anyone else... because I am feeling alone now that my best friend is gone, that my brother has a family and my mom found love and focused just on it.

I used to feel Harry was that member of the family I needed so bad, now he is so different since Paige came to our lives and I'm not just overreacting because of jealousy but because my boyfriend isn't anymore the same guy that I fell in love months ago.

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