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"What did you do to her?" Someone whispers, "did you give her weed once again?"
"I didn't do that, stop blaming me! You were the one who decided to show up when you weren't needed along with that man..." Carter fights back.
"It's her dad and if you cared about her at least a bit you'd already know, plus I can be wherever I want whenever I want," Harry defends himself.
"Can you please stop fighting and close the curtains?" The other man speaks. "She needs darkness so when she wakes up light doesn't bother her,"
"Stop acting like if you cared," Harry talks.
I open my eyes and the first one I see is Harry, he is looking straightforwardly at me.
My Dad is wearing a hoodie, jeans and Vans which is so uncommon to see an entrepreneur this way.
He isn't rich anymore though...
"Finally," Carter sits beside me, brushes my cheek and touches my forehead checking if I have fever or not.

"I'm okay," I move his hand away.
"Drink this..." Harry hands me water, it has bubbles inside so possibly it's medicine.
I take a sip and feel vomit coming up my throat, this really tastes like sweaty feet.
"You're giving her drinks to make her throw up, smartass?" Carter asks Harry.
"He did good," my Dad defends Harry, "I was the one who bought that," well now I know he doesn't defend him.
I close my eyes because light is bothering me so much and I cover my face with a pillow. They just keep arguing while I want silence because I'm not feeling good at all, I possibly slept all night but I still feel my eyes heavy.
"You guys should go away, she needs peace," Carter "helps".
"No... I need you all to leave me alone," I correct.
I take the pillow off my face and see them walking to the door, Harry is the last one to leave because before going away he takes one of the teddy bears he gave me and smiles. He doesn't know I'm seeing him but I actually am.
"Can you stay for a little while?" I sit straight, he looks at me and nods. "Close the door please,"
He locks it and walks to me, I tap my bed so he sits.
"Do you-," I sigh, "do you know what is..."
"Your dad doing here? No. I have no idea," he answers.
"If you don't want to talk to him I'll just tell him he needs to leave now,"
My eyes fill with tears, I don't really know what my dad is doing here and why Harry is doing here... I don't even get why I felt dizzy and fainted if I'm not sick or something. I just want to know their purpose of this visit.
Carter kissed me and I kissed him back, Harry appeared right in front of my apartment and my Dad left the elevator just when I saw Harry... maybe that's the reason I fainted, everything just came up in a second and stress got into my nerves making me lose consciousness.
"I just want to know what is he doing here," I sigh.
"You need to feel better first and then you can figure it out, alright?"
I nod and he kisses my forehead, his lips brush my skin for some seconds and I place my hand on his chest closing my eyes.
"Thanks," I smile and kiss his cheek, "I owed you one,"
"You did," he laughs, "rest..." He covers me and hands me Edward, I haven't slept with him for so long because he just reminded me to Harry.
"If you need something just call me,"
"Thanks," I smile.
He walks away, I hear Carter whispering something outside and how Harry laughs and murmurs something too.
My Dad, Harry and Carter here in my house, this couldn't be even more awkward because Harry hates my Dad and Carter, Carter hates Harry and Dad hates Harry. I just don't know how they are doing to bear with each other outside without literally killing one another.
I drink that indelible medicine by covering my nose so I can't smell or taste it, it's almost impossible but I finally do it. I feel my clothes wavy and realise I'm wearing pyjama pants, a hoodie and socks.
Who the fuck dressed me up?
I feel scared thinking it possibly was Carter, even though I know Harry won't let him and my father is just nothing... maybe he came here asking for money not to take care of me.

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