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I am just wearing underwear so I run for my pants and a shirt to put on quickly, I leave my hair in a ponytail because looks messy and chic at the same time, and run to Carter's house.

I ring the bell and a little girl about 7 years old opens the door, she sees me and frowns like asking why there's a girl in front of her door wearing sporty clothes.

"Is for me," I hear Carter. He opens widely the door and lets me in. "She's Nathalie, my young sister..." He introduces us.

She looks at me and smiles when I do, runs upstairs laughing.

"So cute," I speak to Carter.

"She's shy since Dad's dead," Carter explains and I just nod.

Worse than not having your dad beside you must be having him dead.

I follow him to the dining room, his house looks different during evening but in a good way, it looks tidier than the last and only time I came to the party he decided to hold. I see my folder on the table, wide open and before I can read what's underlined...

"Carter, take your things to your room," a woman speaks; she meets my eyes and smiles big. "I didn't know we were having guests for dinner,"

I look at Carter and he shrugs, I look back at the woman...

"You'll love my lasagna even though I didn't make it that special," she continues.

This old woman is really nice and I just can't tell her no... maybe is his grandma.

"I will love it beyond doubt," I smile gently and she rubs my arm.

"Nice to meet your girlfriends," she speaks to Carter and goes back to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, she's a little... crazy," Carter apologises and I laugh.

"I think we need to go to my bedroom with this," he grabs the folder and walks to the staircase, I follow his steps.


"I don't really think you can write that part,"

"Why?" I ask frowning.

"You know, it's too personal and it won't be like a fashion article," he explains, "you should change the words a little then..." He takes a pen and writes something down; I scribble down the paper and smile when I read what he wrote.

"I really like it," I compliment, "yeah, maybe I should change it that way..."

"Okay, so I'll add it and send it to Marina,"

He grabs his laptop and places it on my legs, I start rewriting my article and I can feel his gaze over me which overwhelms me.

"What?" I look at him and he shakes his head laughing.

"I can't tell you or I will sound so weird,"

"Try me," I put the laptop on his bed when I finish and focus on our conversation.

"I am jealous of how lucky Styles is to have you," he muffles.

I open my mouth to talk but no words leave my mouth, I was having a comfortable evening with him till now. Is not that I don't know his different feelings about me and I can't say I don't like her - as a friend - but after everything that's happened this is still so weird and I can't believe him that much what he says.

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