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I'm sorry if you start disliking it for the lack of love this will have from now on but hey, a little trouble never hurt nobody .x

Songs of the chapter:

Big Girls Don't Cry, Fergie

Oath, Cher Lloyd

"You did really freaking great," Kaylee compliments me, "you really deserve what I bought you..."

She takes out a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label and then Blue Label from her bag.

"You're making me feel like a drinking woman," I laugh.

"I was in Las Vegas what else did you expect me to bring you? A toy?" She jokes and then hands me Red Label.

"Blue one is for Harry because the color is more manly..."

"But I like Blue Label the most and everything that belongs to him belongs to me so I can take a sip if I want to," I mock and she shakes her head laughing.

"I've missed your stupidness Li,"

"I've missed all of you!" I fight back and hug her.

"Let's drink from the Blue one while our men come back," she pours in a plastic glass for me and then in another one for her.

"Linda..." I hear my name been called, I turn around after taking the shot and Matt is standing in the doorway.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" He asks and I nod.

"Uhm sure," I nod and Kaylee walks out so Matt can come inside.

"How have you been?" He asks me, it's obvious he's a little ashamed of everything for the way he's talking to me.

"Everything's okay... what about you?"

"I've been better but I actually came here to apologize with you, I almost begged Jolene to let me in so I had the opportunity to come here and make up everything with you.
I know this will sound so stupid but in that time I had too many financial problems so I saw how good you were in your job and did what I did... I'm really so sorry Linda," he shakes his head, regretting for what he did.

"I forgive you, you don't have to worry about anything because that's just past and literally I leaned a lesson after that so... I owe you half of my gratitude,"

"So you do not hate me anymore,"

"I've never hated you," I laugh, after everything he really helped me to pass the two semesters and well yeah... I'm becoming a person who forgives.

And after we talk for a little while about his new life in New York and his work in Buzz Feed, which he really loves as much as his two daughters.

There's lunch for us all just in this same hotel so I walk with him to the next room. Kaylee is talking to the photographer and I remember instantly what he told me about becoming a photographer in my dream and how bad she wanted to live here and... where and with who she was going to work.

So I walk to them but before I give my fourth step someone touches my shoulder, I turn around and Erin is in front of me.

"Harry is one of those protective boyfriends isn't he,"

"I wouldn't use the word protective but possessive," I joke and she laughs.

"Hi I'm Erin Foster," she smiles and I stretch my hand to shake hers but she hugs me instead.

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