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What you doing? What you doing her this? She doesn't deserve this, don't be a liar... just don't lie.

"I love you do you believe me," I say in her hair.

"Of course I do," she looks at me and kisses my chest, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me meaningfully.


Linda's POV.

I open my eyes when I feel renewed, not just like when you need to wake up to do something, or because the alarm woke you up but when you are completely relaxed and awaken up with no tiredness or reason at all.

My arms are wrapped around Harry's bare waist, my sweating cheek against his shoulder and my legs covered with a sheet.

Today is finally the day and I have already planned what I'll do for him, I really wish he continues sleeping at least one more hour.

I walk naked to the bathroom and brush my hair so it is easier to make a bun with my messy hair. I wear Harry's long white shirt and socks so I don't make much noise when walking all around this little pretty cabin.


A little of this and a little of that, I don't think it wasn't that much calling Anne and asking her about this but I'm pretty sure he will love it...

I organise everything the way I want it to be, it isn't like I thought but way better and I'm in love with this. I want today to be the most peaceful day ever and the little problem yesterday is completely solved, there's still something up in a little piece of my head telling me something isn't right but I've had this feeling for so long and everything I've thought is wrong so I just need to avoid it and focus on what I think is okay.

"Cutest thing ever was to write my name on blueberry cupcakes and place them beside the bed so when I stomped I ruined them," he speaks; I turn around and laugh when I see him completely naked with a cupcake in his hand and his foot full of blue cream.

"I could save one though," he bites it and jokes.

He walks to me while I'm blushed and giggling for the incident that just happened; he places one hand on my shoulder and brings closer to my lips the cupcake, smudging my lips with it.

"It actually tastes good," I nod savoring the cream, I really am progressing.

"Happy anniversary baby," he kisses me firmly, I don't know where the cupcake went but his hands are on my cheeks now.

I wrap my arms around his neck while he sits me up on the table, "same to you," I speak and kiss softly his lips once.

"I feel brave enough to finally tell you something," he starts and I feel fear but then he caresses my cheek and tugs a lock of my hair behind my ear.

"I just think of us in a future looking at our kids running throughout the backyard while we drink white wine and laugh of every stupid thing we did years ago... I just feel like spending the rest of my life with you wherever life want us to live," it's obvious that I am crying right now, this is the sweetest thing someone has ever said to me and for the first time in my entire life I feel more than important, I don't feel like worrying about anything else that's not us right now.

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