Author's note: So this is the continuation of my first fanfic called Beloved, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've had writting it. This sequel contains more sexual content so if you hate it or just don't like it, the best is to stop reading it.

Hope you guys like this second part more than the first one, i love you all. xxx


I squint, maybe I'm not seeing well and I just keep imagining and dreaming she is here in front of me when she's not, like I've done since we kissed goodbye. I see how Liam approaches to them and hugs her; she kisses his cheek and hugs him again.

Louis and Zayn walk towards her too; she greets them as well and kisses them on their cheeks. Finally Niall shows up and hands her a glass of piña colada. Basically, everyone goes to greet her meanwhile I am in shock and drunk here, on Ben's shoulder thinking about how she dyed the ends of her hair once again to a lighter blonde colour and how she tanned her skin and looks so good; just in two weeks she's gotten hotter while I don't even feel like cutting my hair. She is too hot for me, why did she accept being my girlfriend months ago? I still don't get it.

"Aren't you going to run into her arms?" Ben asks me, disrupting my thoughts, "Surprise!" He says and laughs.

"You did that? Man, I love you!" I hug him and try to kiss his cheek but I end up falling and kissing his neck. Man, I'm so wasted.

I can't even concentrate and manage how my limbs move. Though I feel soberer now I see her just a few meters away from me but I'm still squandered as fuck, how am I going to run to her in this condition? I can't even maintain my body balanced.

"Let's go to greet her," Ben says and helps me walking to my girl; she is standing there frowning at us, wondering what's wrong with me. "I'm Ben, you're prettier in person," he says and she laughs. Her beautiful giggles, those just come out when she's nervous.

"Lovely to meet you, thank you for this!" She says and Ben kisses her cheek, I am not jealous but I just feel that I should have been the first one greeting and kissing her tanned cheeks... maybe lips first.

"No! Thank you for accepting." Ben articulates.

I feel like she is ignoring my presence, Ben isn't helping me at all, I am just here waiting here to say hi to her but at the same time I want to go to my bedroom and lie down, I don't want her to see me in this condition after everything she did for me to stop drinking. I just miss her and alcohol, makes me forget everything.

I look directly at her eyes and she smiles worried, I know she is afraid of me in this state; I must look like a drug addict, due to my lack of balance and the bags behind my sunglasses.

"Please, he's wasted." Ben whispers but I'm able to hear, he finally walks away and when I feel like falling down Linda carries my arm.

"Where's your bedroom?" She asks and I show her the elevator, when we step in I press the floor. My arm wrapping her shoulders, I needed her so bad and now I want her, I will do anything to be near her the time she is staying. Here in Brazil all of my dreams are coming true, Brazil rocks! I will tattoo "Brasil" on my ass because I just love this place so much, maybe my thigh, I am drunk not rattle-headed.

She leans me down in the bed and throws my flip flops to the floor, puts a wet towel on my forehead and makes a little ponytail with my hair.

"I'll buy food and coffee for you," she says and stands up.

"No wait!" I grab her arm and she turns around looking at me. I love the way how her eyes still show she loves me, it means I can gain her back again. "Hello hottie," I slip out and laugh, along with her, I don't even know what I am saying or doing.

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