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I take my folder and walk with Ed and Athina to Jolene's office; she greets them and thanks them for being there. Today she doesn't have Jeannette with her and the cradle is gone too.

"So we were wondering if we can have the interview in another place," Ed asks Jolene, "we are friends," he refers to me, "and well... it will be more comfortable if we go to another place... like Puppy Palace?"

"Sure! Wherever you feel good," Jolene agrees and I feel that pain in my chest that says "you need to pretend to be okay with Harry, don't involve others in your couple troubles, even less if it's his best friend and work." It is going to be awkward and embarrassing.

We leave the office and we go to the parking lot.

"So, call Harry and tell him to get there," Ed tells me.

"I actually left my phone in his house so-,"

"No problem! I'll do it!" he says and takes out his iPhone and dials his number. I see how they chat long time while Athina asks me where I bought my sweater and I tell her the shop. "So, he is at his place so we can go there, pick up your phone and then go to make the interview. Alright?" he explains and I nod, agreeing.

They follow my car and we get quickly to his house, there are five girls outside and I am so sure they are the same ones from yesterday's evening, I knock the door and he opens it wearing his tight jeans, a black sweater and that piece of military cloth he calls a bandana.

"I'm going to get my phone," I tell Ed and Athina and they nod.

I walk inside and feel Harry's steps following me, I don't turn around but just take my phone that's already completely charged and disconnected from the charger and when I turn on my heels Harry cups my chin and gives two steps forward.

"Are we alright now? Did you call the shit daddy of yours?" he grins and I pull him away.

"Respect my dad and no, I am just pretending to be okay because I'm not involving them in our stuff... with every comment you do, we are further from being okay." I make my way down and I hear him snarl.

We all go in his trunk, we are in the front and Ed and Athina in the back, they are calling each other sweet nicknames and I am going to die here, this is just so freaking cute. We get to the place, it is a pub and is so rustic and old, and I simply love it. Harry opens my door and stretches his hand to help me down, Athina mouths an "aww" and I smile and grab his hand, Harry bows and everyone laughs, except me I just roll my eyes, he is so annoying and I can't believe he is taking this the less serious he can.

I take out my iPad, the one Liam gave me for my birthday and for the first time I turn it on, I hadn't had time to use it but today is day. There's that one picture of us in the airplane as the background and I laugh when Harry snarls seeing it. We sit in a table and remember I didn't eat anything today and that my gastritis is getting into my nerves right now.

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