I've been in Italy for a week and a half, taking care of Julie meanwhile Danny is working.

The day I arrived my nephew was born, his name is Andrew and I am in love with him. Same Danny's eyes, Julie's hair and my hands, and my beautiful nephew has my hands and feet and it's lovely.

I've talked with Harry, we've actually talked every day, three times a day we phone each other and constantly we're sending messages about anything. He already started the tour and he really looks sad, on the video Lou sent me from the first concert in Colombia he seemed really weird and when I asked him about it he said it was because I wasn't there. We are just friends, and we've talked about it also so I feel comfortable when we chat even if we flirt sometimes with each other, I love him and I won't stop doing it.

Because we weren't together in the same place and like a couple. I really miss him and I can't tell how much I've cried this week, Kaylee is touring with them... she's just staying two days more with Niall and then she'll come back but she'll be constantly going to the concerts so she doesn't miss Niall so much.

They're together and happy again, they're the type of couple that can fix their problems and be even happier after that... not like Harry and I.

Talking about couples, I haven't broken up with Ethan because I haven't had the time and disposition to do it, I really don't know if I must do it because he is actually in United States looking for an uni there so, it'll be easy, when he comes back I can tell him we are over because a long relationship is going to be tough. I can't be with him if I still love Harry, it's heartbreaking.

Today I'm going back to London, I am going to look for alternatives of how to restart my semester again so I don't lose more time doing nothing if Ethan is not here, I want to look for extra classes or something so I don't feel a lazy girl.

Meanwhile I've been here, I've talked with Julie about everything about me and my life, more than my sister-in-law she's now like a really good friend of mine, I really think she is such an amazing woman and I'm glad my brother found her as the mother of his kid. She's changed him in such a good way and now, that Andrew is born, Danny is so responsible and the greatest dad of all.

"So you've talked a lot but you're not together and you think you're friends but he still calls you love and you call him babe?" Julie asked me meanwhile she was changing the diaper.

"Exactly." It sounds weird but it's that way. My phone rang, I grabbed it to answer but it wasn't a call, it was a video call, Harry wanted to FaceTime with me. "It's him," I said and my legs trembled.


"FaceTime, I mean."

"Oh," she tossed the diaper on the bin can and looked at me while leaving her hand on Andy's stomach. "Then go to the living room because you don't want your friend with benefits to see baby's poop."

I laughed and walked to my room, the one I've been using since I'm here. I answered and I noticed there was a pool behind a man with white skin like mine, sunglasses and black hair.Liam was swimming there, Zayn was shirtless laughing at something stupid Niall was saying. Kaylee was lying on Niall's chest meanwhile eating something like strawberries with Louis. "Hi, my name is Ben." He went.


Harry's POV

"Yes!" Lou screamed, she's drank more than four pina colada and I'm scared, she is not even the half of drunk I am. "That one," she pointed to the man and he handed her the fifth glass.

I've drank a lot, yeah, and I'm more than wasted, I even can tell it. I can't see properly but right now I don't care, I haven't slept well these nights and even if I feel excited for the tour and everything half of my heart is just thinking about Linda in Europe. I fucking want her so bad here with me, I would've been the happiest man in the world if she had accepted to come here with me, we've been swimming right now in the pool together, talking with Lou, chilling with the boys but... I just need to realize I can't do with her life whatever I please doing.

Tomorrow we'll have the first concert here in Brasil, I just can't stop thinking about her during Happily or maybe every single song we sing, my eyes want to cry but I try so hard not to do it so I can continue with the whole concert without sobbing like a baby. We've talked, we haven't stopped talking since we got apart but I still miss her fucking presence.

"I have a surprise for you," Ben whispered into my ear and I stood up rapidly.

"What is it?" I screamed, fuck, the liquor already affected me so much I can't even talk good. I don't speak Portuguese but I seemed like if I did.

"Surprise is surprise," he said and I walked to him.

I can't support myself; I put my hand on his shoulder so I didn't fall. "Tell me, please, I don't like surprises. Not all of them are good!" I shouted and he grabbed my arms to put them down. I can't let him go, I feel like I'm going to fucking fall to the blooding pool if I do so.

"Harry, this is a good one man." Ben assured but I don't believe him. "I brought you something special, Harold."

"What? I don't need anything, just a hug." I hugged him, I feel that in this moment I need Linda more than never before, I feel terrible and I want to call her so I feel better. Stupid liquor, I'm sure it didn't just have vodka but something else too.

"Open your eyes and look behind me." Ben whispered into my ears.

The lights is so shiny, today when my head is pounding so hard the sun decided to finally reappear after an entire day. My sunglasses are steamy and my vision is blurred, I am so hot right now and my body inside is burning. I opened slowly my eyes and lifted my gaze right behind Ben's back.

Am I hallucinating? I blinked a lot of times and rubbed my eyes to be sure if I was really seeing that little blond woman wearing denim shorts with braces, a stripped crop top and flip flops, round sunglasses and a bun on the top of her head.

"Linda!" someone screamed behind me, it's Kaylee. I saw how she ran to the girl and hugged her.

"Fuck, is her." I sighed sober.

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