I'm feeling much better; I stand up and walk to the bathroom. I haven't feel uglier before so I just take my makeup case and apply concealer and blush on my cheeks because I'm really pale. I brush my hair and finally my teeth because I'm not throwing up anymore and my throat is resting at last.

I open my bedroom's door and immediately my stomach growls when I smell a barbecue. I walk to the backyard and see all of the boys laughing while Niall roasts beef and other meat, Louis mixes something green in a bowl and Harry makes a sauce.

Kaylee is just sitting in front of them looking at what they do and laughing at some idiotic Louis' comment.

"Lin!" She stands up and walks to hug me. "How are you feeling?" She asks me while I hear a baby crying behind me.

I turn around and see two babies sitting on the floor with a 10-year-old girl and when I raise my head I see Johannah.

"You're up! How are you?" She asks while hugging me.

"I'm much better," I nod and look at both my best friend and Louis' mother. "Thanks for asking."

"It means your stomach is ready for a BBQ night?"

"I think it really is," I rub it and laugh, I'm really hungry.

And I walk to the yard with Daisy, Louis' sister that I've met once... I don't really remember when but I just know his whole family is here and it's just huge.

I sit a baby on my lap, his name is Ernest but they call him Ernie. Doris is really attached to her mother so I prefer not to touch her or she will cry.

Ernie is just a little version of Louis and his laugh is just so funny.

"He's really cute isn't he," Harry sits beside me.

I don't say anything because any comment I say would make this a weird conversation. I'm still disappointed, I can't believe he lied to me after he said he missed me and wanted me back but I wasn't mentally ready so I escaped and literally all of this happened to me thanks to his words two nights ago.

"Gemma texted me four hours ago that Charlotte already had her baby,"

"That's great," I nod, I'm excited for her but I just don't want to talk to Harry.

I take the baby into the house where Doris is with her father and leave him there.

"Can we have a word?" Harry asks me.

"I'm not in the mood to talk or to listen to you so just please leave it this way."

"It's nothing about that, it's another subject."

I sigh and nod, we walk to the kitchen now that Maria has this night free. I sit on a chair because I'm still too tired, he stands in front of me. The chair is tall so I can see his eyes, I still raise my head a little.

"Tomorrow we all are leaving to London. I talked to your mum,"

"Did you tell her what happened?" I ask worried, this hasn't happened a long ago and when I was this state she used to scold me so hard that I fell asleep crying while hiccuping drunk.


"Idiot!" I scream, "She is going to kill me because of your fault!"

"Linda..." He places his hand on my shoulder to calm me down. "She isn't angry, you know she's changed so she is just worried... she is getting to London tomorrow and she will be with you and then you all are going back to Warrington for Christmas,"

"I don't need you to babysit me, how did you even called my mom?"

"Because I care about you and what happened yesterday is my fault and I feel so guilty."

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