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Kisses on cheeks .xx


"You know? She's changed, maybe I didn't meet her when she was that way but I know she did. People change for love... we are an example of it," I hold her face between my hands, "I was starting to have that famous state and I stopped for you. You didn't believe in you and now you do... see? It's possible,"

"I love you." She smirks and kisses my lips softly. "Maybe I just need a distraction to stop thinking about it..." She bites her lip and furrows her eyebrows.

"You little dirty bitch," I whisper and kiss her again, just once.

"I thought you were a gentleman... or at least that's what people say," she drives her hands to my neck, rubbing it with her thumbs.

Holy crap, she is so sexy and such a good girl... her hazel eyes are asking me just for one thing and now down there knows about it more than anything else...

"Because they don't know me as much as you do... what I'm about to do isn't what a gentleman will," I mock and lift her up to kiss her neck.


Linda's POV.

"What time is it?" I ask.

"Like 3pm," Harry answers, outstretching his arm so I grab it and stand up.

"We've been here like an hour," I laugh ashamed, "they'll think so wrong about us..." I brush my hair, looking myself on the mirror. My cheeks are redden and my neck has a mark.

"But who cares," I shrug it off and he laughs. "Give me your Saint Laurent," I unwrap the scarf from his neck to wear it. "If they ask I was crying a river so we stayed here because -,"

"I was doing you," Harry speaks.

"No!" I laugh and hit his arm. "We stayed here because I hate when people see me crying," I finish and he nods.

"Yeah, Ms."

I open the bathroom and traipse into the living room, Gemma is showing Jacob something on her phone and he is nodding.

Jacob likes Gemma, Gemma most likely likes him back but it'll be so awkward that my best friend dates my sister in law... pretty weird, to be honest.

Gemma broke up her little love affair with Ashton but she didn't really tell me why and I won't ask her either, so she is free to flirt with Jacob without feeling guilty.

We walk and sit in front of them, they look at us and squint.

I know is weird we stayed an hour or so inside Gemma's bathroom but to be honest they didn't care at all... they are still looking at something.

I check the time and it's almost 4, we need to go back now to see how is everything going on between my mom and Joe and if they need something.

"I think is time for us to go," I look at Jacob, he stops talking to Gemma and nods slowly.

"Yeah it's true; we need to check on our parents..."

We say our goodbyes and leave the apartment with Harry; he is going back to the tour today so he leaves us at my flat.

"Have an amazing concert and an amazing flight," I hug and kiss lightly his lips; I know this is weird for Jacob and I don't want him to feel uncomfortable.

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