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Niall is falling asleep on the sofa in front of us and I really think is okay if he rests, he was in the accident too and he was a little injured so maybe he's still weak and shocked after almost following the light in the dark tunnel.
I shake my head, I'm so dizzy and I feel like vomiting since I got the news. I can't drink, eat, or even see food.
"Do you want to be asleep when your best friend opens her eyes?" He asks smirking.
"I know you don't," he swings the Starbucks in front of my face.
I grin and grab the cup, taking a sip and savoring the delicious taste of the first edible thing touching my lips today.
"I love you is the least I can do," he kisses my forehead and I just remember anything of this would be possible if Kaylee wouldn't had helped me getting in Fabulous.
My eyes fill with tears once again, before I can start sobbing on Harry's shirt a nurse calls Kay's name and we all turn around. I shake Niall's body so he can get the news with us, he wakes up startled and I take his hand in mine.
Poor thing, I know how he feels, obviously knowing she is this way and you're magically untouched by an accident in which the other person is in a critical state.
"Are you all Kaylee Martin's relatives?" She asks.
And we nod, not even a sigh or whisper.
"Fine. She woke up, two of you can go to see her now but you can't raise your voice or make her feel emotions she can't feel,"
"Who's coming?" The nurse asks.
Kaylee's mother stands on her feet and walks to us, she smiles weakly and takes Niall's hand and then mine.
"She is really hating on us right now and I don't want to bother her, you two should go because you guys are so important for her," she lets our hands go and we stand on our feet.
Niall doesn't let go my hand, we walk slow to Room 12. Niall is shaking so I open the door myself and push him to walk in first, Kaylee needs to know he is okay so she doesn't stress out.
And I break into tears when I see her, her right arm is broken and covered with bandage, her forehead has a bandage too and she is laying like a mommy. Her back was the one that suffered the impact, behind her back it's something similar to an iron plate. I've never seen her this vulnerable, this lifeless in the seven yours we've known each other.
I give a step back when Niall is in but he turns around and shakes his head.
"I can't do this alone, come with me please,"
I nod and walk in too. I go straight to the right side of the bed and Niall stares at her in the left side. Her eyes are closed and she hasn't felt our presence but any of us is capable of waking her up.
"One of you drank moccasin and didn't bring me one," she speaks, slow but using her funny voice. She has her eyes closed.
"Sorry," I whisper and caress her cheek, "you should open your eyes and look right at the left," I suggest because I know she hasn't felt Niall's presence.
She does it, her head turns to the left and when she sees Niall she tugs him almost over her and kisses fully his lips. Is so freaking sad and happy at the same time what I'm seeing right now.
"I'm so glad you're doing good babe, I'm so sorry of what happened I would've felt so guilty if something had happened to you," she says and her eyes are already rolling down tears.
"I'm perfect. How are you?" Niall whispers, trying to act the best he cans after his really hard twelve hours depression.
"I feel a little of pain on my arm and my head is pounding but probably because this bandage is tighter than Harry's jeans," she jokes and look at me.
I laugh, she orders me to duck, she places a nice kiss on my cheek and whispers something.
"Can you ask please if I can have a moccasin?"
And I laugh harder, nodding and walking out after kissing her forehead and rubbing Niall's back assuring him I'll be back soon.
Just when I get to the reception they all jump over me asking me questions I don't even understand, when I reply them the doctor asks me the same questions before I can mention coffee.
"She said her arm and head hurt but anything about her back," I explain, Harry is behind me with one of his hands on my shoulder.
"That's actually not good," the doctor says and we all sigh preoccupied. "If she isn't really feeling pain we need to get into the operation room immediately."
"What will you do?" Matthew Martin asks.
"A Lumbar back surgery," he answers.
"Have you done those before?" Mr. Martin enquires.
"Was it successful?" Mrs. Martin goes this time.
"Yes," he sighs, maybe remembering how was it and feeling relief after the memory.
"Is it dangerous?" Matthew asks
"Can I give her coffee before anything? She asked me to ask you if she could have one," I speak.
"Sure she hasn't taken any medication recently," he replies and I nod.
Harry walks with me to the cafeteria, his hand never leaving my shoulder and I'm so glad I have him here to support me.
After we buy the coffee his phone rings.
"Go on answer," I speak when he looks at the screen for some seconds without pressing "answer".
"I'll go and give this to Kay so you have privacy," I add when he doesn't react.
"But who's she?" Jacob asks me, he is almost crying and I can't blame him we three have been friends since we were 11 and is almost impossible to react normal after knowing your best friend is injured and will be in a high-risked surgery soon.
"She's stable," I reply, "she looks really good... she's completely okay but her only problem is her back,"
"You know I'm not religious at all but just when the surgery is about to start you tell me so we can pray here,"
"We?" I enquire.
"Gemma and I," he answers a little ashamed.
"Thank you both for the support and praying," I smile even though he doesn't see me.
"I'll text you. I love you both, bye..." I hang up.
I've called my mom and Jacob telling them about the news. Kaylee already drank her Starbucks and now she is sleeping while her parents fill documents so she can go into surgery. I'm really scared because I still don't understand what happened to her, if a disc is broken or if it is abashed. Both are risky, I even Googled them and not everyone survives...

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