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"I am not suggesting a love affair," he rolls his eyes and laughs, "I mean that you are important, you really make me feel me... you're my only real friend," he smirks at me.

I'm still not defending him but he did change, he really did.

I hug him, swiftly and friendly. "We are friends now! You have me for anything you need," I offer.

"You too," he nods, "maybe we should go back?"

"Yeah," I laugh and take my drink.

Simple champagne, I'm having just that the whole night because I know my body and if I mix liquors I'll get wasted in a blink.

We have an amazing time, Ed and Athina came over to us and we had an amazing peaceful talk; both Carter and Kate with us.

Kate offers to take us home, I truly accept it because there are paparazzi outside due to this is an important enterprise and if we go home with Carter stupid rumours will begin and I don't want problems with Harry.

"So maybe we can hang out soon? Arthur and Lauren really love you," Kate says while parking in front of our flat.

"Of course! I miss them a lot too," I reply grinning.

"Lovely, call you later honey," she insists and drives away.

"Lovely night!" Kay screams.

"It was," I agree with my intoxicated best friend.

I'm proud of myself, even Jolene got drunk because she needs times off from babies and work. I drank a cocktail but it was free of alcohol and three glasses of champagne and hazelnuts so I'm completely sober.

It's "12:52 p.m." and I decide to call Harry again meanwhile I wait Kaylee to fall asleep. He doesn't answer, maybe his sleeping already?

Her phone rings instead and it reads "Niall"

"Can you answer for me? My head hurts," she presses her temples and I answer her phone.

"Hi princess," Niall speaks and I melt, he is wonderful!

"I'm Linda by the way," I laugh along with him, "Kay is drunk and sleeping so she can't answer actually..."

"Really? Oh, how did the party go Lin?"

"It was fantastic, I really enjoyed it and Kay too, definitely! Fashion designers and editors and writers, just perfect,"

"What party?" I hear a voice.

"Nothing Harold," Niall stumbles and I freeze.


It was obvious Kaylee was telling Niall about this, Niall said it out loud and now Harry knows.

"Kaylee went to a party?" I hear Harry asking him.

"Yeah," Niall responds, "talk to you tomorrow princess... good night," he talks to me pretending to talk with Kaylee and I just hung up.

Maybe he saved me a little but not full house.

But why am I afraid? I just didn't tell him I was going to a party of my job, I didn't do anything bad. Maybe I love him so much and we tell each other everything but he doesn't rule me and I can't be afraid of something he will tell me.

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