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"Please Linda this is stupid..." He says and I turn around noticing he changed his clothes into a blue shirt which is unbuttoned half, dark skinny jeans, a fedora and black boots.

His butterfly tattoo is completely out and is just so sexy...

You hate him, shut up.

"This is not stupid, it's obvious you still feel something for her," I say and feel a tear rolling down my face. I hate crying this much!

"What?" He shakes his head and walks to me, placing his hand on my cheek and the other one on my hips.

"The only person I love it's you. The jacket is already on the trash, this ring..." He shows me his hand, "is something Gem gave me, hers is on the bin too. If you don't believe me you can take this ring and go to my house and check the trash can even though Snug's shit is there..." He adds and somehow I laugh.

"Paige is just trying to bother you with all of those things she said, I talked to her and send her to eat Snug's shit already," he continues and I outline a smile.

"Are we okay now? Because I missed you all the day and actually had to attend to that party alone but came earlier because it was boring. I was at a party and didn't even taste alcohol!"

"You could have been here though, we drank vodka..." I say.

I need to still learn one thing I've never had, before believing in someone else I need to listen to him.

"Is there still a drop?" He asks smirking.

"I have four bottles and we drank two, of course there's enough..." I laugh and tug him to the kitchen.

I haven't organised it yet... just the living room and dining room, half of my bedroom. I don't have yet a fridge, the TVs aren't installed yet and everything missing is here in the kitchen.

I pour a glass for him because I'm still drunk and we go back to my bedroom... with the bottle in our hands.

He jumps on my bed and whines, "did you buy a fucking piece of wood or a mattress? Damn,"

I laugh hard and walk to the dressing room, leaving my clothes on the floor and looking for something to feel comfortable in the bags.

"Are you trying to implicitly ask me something?" I feel his cold hands on my naked back.

"No, I'm looking for my pyjamas but I don't find them..." I turn around, he takes off his shirt and hands it to me.

"Wear it, I always sleep naked anyways," he shrugs.

I button it and see how it perfectly covers my bum so I don't need to look for pants.

I step forward to make my way back to the room but he presses my body against the mirror, his hand running through my thighs and underneath the shirt while I sigh admiring his eyes.

"When will we release your house?" He asks kissing my ear.

I hold his face between my hands and enclose the most I can his lips against mines but without touching them.

"When you install my TVs," I whisper and push him away, running to my bed and jumping on it.

Ouch it does hurt.

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