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"I kissed him too, just to test myself and I know he thought I was kissing him because of him but I was a bitch," I cry, "Carter doesn't deserve that... I still love Harry even if he dumped me for no reason, even when he called me a whore and decided to move on and date Nadine and be right now with her. I won't move on easy, I know I won't even if I try!"

"Li..." She sits beside me, "you just need to change your life somehow. I don't know, start a new project and keep yourself busy and you'll see how fast you forget him..."

"I'm not good at anything," I shrug.

"Don't say that because you worked for Fabulous,"

"I know... but I had nice ideas by then and now I'm just a depressed girl who goes from college to work and from work to her house and helps her brother taking care of his son while his wife is in Italy finalising some things she had there before moving here definitely. I have no life,"

"Okay Linda I'm done of seeing you this way, from the day I first met you you've been depressed until now. You're going to pack your bags and you'll go to LA to visit your best friend,"

"But I need to work even if we will have a break of uni,"

"You'll ask for days off, you work in the office I know you can just do the same thing and send it via email,"

"Are you sure it's a good idea?"

"Yes it is! And don't tell anyone you'll leave, I'll help your brother if he needs help. I'll let everyone know you are taking some time for yourself away,"

She walks to my big closet and starts packing my clothes in a bag, I didn't know she knew where everything is but I just let her do it. It's true, I need time away to make up my mind and just go to LA and spend time with Kaylee because she's my real support and I always can count on her and she obviously can count on me.

"Wait, I don't think I have the money for tickets..."

"You have miles! You must do, you've travelled a lot!"


It's so weird to be here, the flight was very long and exhausting and now looking for a taxi will be hard and I'm just so jetlagged. I used the money my mom gave me back for this trip and I'll try to spend time on me and things for me to forget about my depression aka Harry Edward Styles.

I grab the first cab I find and it isn't actually so hard to do it. I tell him the address and he drives me to Beverly Hills where my best friend lives. I hadn't been here to her new house before and it's literally a mansion, sometimes I forget she has almost as much money as Kim Kardashian does. A guard opens the gate for me even though I'm walking, I'm not in the cab anymore.

"What's your name?" He asks.

"Linda Williams," I say, of course I told Kaylee I was coming.

"Come in," the man smiles and I thank walking in with my bags.

I have three, I don't know how long I'll be here so Miranda packed for me literally all of my clothes.

I get into the White mansion and a maid takes one of my bags and without asking me my name or something walks me to a room. It's really big, the biggest mattress I've ever seen and the TV is double times mines together as one. There's a jacuzzi in the bathroom and apart from it its a "spa shower" which is a shower but with different holes where water comes out from and it is both a sauna and a massage room.

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