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I stroke him till he falls asleep on my legs; I close my eyes and try to sleep there. Thanks to god I bought a comfy sofa which is actually better than my mattress.

I feel my head sweating and when I open my eyes the sunlight almost blinds me, I cover my face with my hand and look down at Harry who is still on my lap scrolling Twitter on his phone.

I pat his temple softly and he looks at me, I smile and he lifts his body from mine.

"Are you feeling better?" I ask, brushing his hair back from his face... it's heartbreaking to see the guy who's been sternly strong to support me in this state.

His eyes are reddish and swollen from crying so much.

"Do you want water or something?" I ask when there's no answer and he nods.

I hand him a glass of water and he drinks it in a sip.

"I'm sorry I was a dick yesterday," he finally speaks, his voice is broken and raspy still.

"I wasn't so bearable either so it's okay," I smile.

"I really don't want this to destroy us, I'm in love with you and I need you so much,"

His voice is so serious and so deep, his eyes aren't meeting mines but the floor and something makes me feel like these words mean nothing. I don't really know what's wrong with my mind and heart since I moved here or actually since I met personally Paige but I don't feel his love, I can't believe his words and not a single thing he does makes me see him like before.

What's going on?

"Do you still like her or at least feel something special for her?" I ask. Maybe I'm rear but I really need to know this, to continue having an answer and not just that interrogate up in my head giving me adrenaline and anxiety.

He entwines his fingers and looks at me. "Why do you ask me that?" He frowns.

"Look Harry, I know this is so hard for you... feeling like these people are back to hurt you again but I know and feel that there's something else going on with Paige and is not actually that," my eyes fill with tears just imagining something I don't want to imagine.

"If you happened to dislike her or give a damn for her it'll be easier to answer, isn't it?" I ask, not angry but hurt by my own words.

"My feelings for you are stronger than anything else," he answers.

"Just answer. Do you want her or not?" I try to speak the calmest I can but every time he turns the question I feel like I've been stabbed.

He sighs and yawns while rubbing his eyes.

I already have my answer.

I start to cry hard, I walk to my room sobbing and throw the teddy bear to the floor, our Polaroid picture to the floor breaking it into pieces when I throw the toy, I cover my face with the pillow still crying.

It's weird for me to feel this anger, I've been jealous once and it was when I broke up with him the first time but more than jealous it was anger because he was a betrayer. Now it is all about jealousy, knowing that he owns my heart and I maybe just own 30% of his.

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