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"Hey," he raises my head with both of his hands and frowns looking at me, "you're gorgeous... this is why Jolene asked you for this and for some reason I'm dating you," he rolls his eyes playfully and I laugh.

"I love you," I mumble and press my lips against his, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him fully.

I hear the door trying to be opened, then this rhythmic knock I know is just made by one person, I separate from Harry and run to the door. My eyes open widen when I see her right there smiling, Niall is by her side and I just can't believe my best friend is here right now.

"Ahhh!" I scream and hug her tight, I hear her griping so I get off her.

"You look so freaking hot!" She compliments me and hugs me again, then I hug Niall with such happiness that he complains too.

I really love them both, having them here supporting me not just for being one of the leaders of this fashion show but too now that I am one of the models too it's lovely.

"Here you have your model," Harry speaks behind me, kissing my head while hugging me like he hasn't done so much nowadays.

"Are you modeling with me?" I ask Kay, she nods excited.

The boys go away when Kate returns with Kaylee's clothes, she needs to wear a beach dress and I really feel jealous because she's mostly full dressed not like me...

"I accepted your boyfriend's request of coming here but I still don't know why we are strutting down the runaway," Kaylee speaks.

I laugh and take a coat to cover my body; it's almost freezing thanks to the air conditioner.

"Because Paige quitted," I explain and sit on a table, covering my legs with the coat.

"Why?" Kay asks, sitting beside me.

"I don't know... there was this party yesterday and I was with Harry and she just told me she had something so important to tell me," I try recalling everything that happened, "Harry was feeling so sick so we left the place and Paige promised me in calling me but she never did,"

"Well... she did but somehow my phone was silenced and I noticed this morning, I don't even understand why she did so but I know her so well and she'll do anything to hurt me or Harry. Maybe she thought quitting was going to ruin this opportunity for me,"

"But she's wrong!" Kay trails me off, "You're even more than before, because apart from being the one writing the articles about all of this you are the model so it gives you two... plus you look fucking hot and if you didn't have a boyfriend I'll do you,"

We both laugh and then I hit lightly her arm, "you have a boyfriend too..."

"Yeah but he's flexible," she shrugs and I laugh harder.

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