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"This one," he turns around with Connect 4.

"Okay..." I tug the tea table in front of us and we organise the game.

"What are you doing on Friday?" I ask him.

"I'm not sure... I was planning in going to a Halloween party but I don't want to go alone,"

"What do you mean, alone?"

"The purpose is wearing a costume along with someone. I don't know, you are Jane and I'm Tarzan, yeah?"

"Oh, I understand. Why don't you ask Gemma?"

"Because she's attending and she's dressing up with Jacob."


"Yeah...What are you doing on Friday?"

"Literally nothing,"

He nods and lines up three pegs.

"Maybe, just if you want to... I can dress up with you, like be your costume partner or however they call it," I offer.

"Really?" He smiles, "just if you want to and you don't feel uncomfortable,"

"Just if you don't dress up like Miley again, I'm NOT going to be Robin Thicke or something,"

And he laughs blushed, "this year I was planning Nicki Minaj in Anaconda,"

"What would I be? The Anaconda?" I ask laughing.

"A dancer," he mouths with his delightful British accent I love so much.

Why Americans don't have this accent? It's just lovely and sexy...

"It's better if I choose it, doesn't it,"

"Probably it is," he laughs.

I instantly yawn, I'm really tired but I don't want to leave him here all by himself.

"I'm sorry, you need to wake up early... go and sleep,"

"I'll go to sleep because I'm really tired but if you need something just call me, alright?"

"I will," he smiles.

"Goodnight then," I yawn again and walk to my bedroom.

I take off my dress shirt and get into my bed, I instantly feel that my tiredness is gone so I take my phone and scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... and then hear Harry coughing.

*My bed took off of me the tiredness hahaha* I send.

*And I miss you here but you need to sleep now or you will fall asleep in class!*

*you're so right* I smile and send it.

*I'm always right!* he sends immediately.

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