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"Yes, perfect!" He smiles big and sees it's true; he's not lying at all. "But there are problems not with me but with my position..."

And he tells me everything, it's something really tough and sad so that's why she doesn't like going out with him so much but just in Manchester studying like a freak... it reminds me to someone, maybe this girl who has a book in her hand while talking to a friend and not reading it.

"You know? I'm in the same position... I'm going to Manchester Uni this weekend to visit a friend so maybe I can talk to her?" I suggest. It's real I am going because I'll talk to Jacob so that Mom and Joe are happily ever after again if we intervene.

"Are you serious? You're the bestest of the best best friends ever!" He hugs me tighter.

It is almost 1am and he needs to go so I thank him and promise we are hanging out this week before he goes touring all over Europe.

I open the door and light bulbs from the second floor light up the stairs so I know he is awake. I go to the bedroom and he watching football, something he never does! At this time there's nothing else to watch so to avoid looking at me he prefers to see how this ball flies side to side, foot to foot and head to head -which must hurt as hell-.

"Did you finish your book?" He asks me while I brush my teeth, finally breaking the silence between us.

I literally changed my clothes outside to make him notice me and he didn't, then I pretended I had a headache and he ignored me and now that I'm brushing simply my teeth he speaks.

The one ignoring right now is going to be me, I comb my hair and then walk to the bed wearing just a long shirt and open the book and continue reading beside him.

"Summaries on Internet and better than the book," he kisses my cheek and then that spot in my neck.


"Stop it." I bravely push him away and close the book, curl into bed and turn off my lamp.

I feel his hand touching my bum and then my waist, tugging me closer to him, I don't move but just pretend I'm sleeping. If he was childish I'll be childish too and now with Louis' story I don't give a damn about my dad and he is not ruining my life making me think about him.

"You fucking abandoned me there," I finally speak while he hugs my back.

"I thought you wanted extra time with Louis," he defends, his face nuzzled in my hair.

"Shut up because we both know that ain't true," I sit angrily, so does he due to he was on me, "yes I was wrong doing that... ignoring you while just studying but I went to apologise and you just ignored me."

"I am hurt. You are always open with everyone except me... talking hours in the car with Louis when I was here to talk a whole week and you didn't even try,"

"I've been so open with you and you know it."

"I know you were," he tugs his hair, "I know you were so brave telling me that but I'm just jealous, you haven't talked to me that much in a week like you just did with Louis." He explains. "It was stupid to leave you there but I was mad with you both for laughing while I was just looking at you. You haven't laughed this week with my jokes," he is so hurt and I totally get him but I just don't know what to say.

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