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Songs of the chapter:

She's The One, Robbie Williams.

Complicated, Avril Lavigne.

34 days without Linda.

Coming to United States this year has been harder than other years, this is THE worst year, I've felt depressed and without energy to do something but just sleep or exercise... of course I distract myself during concerts but after that I'm back to this neutral state where everything is just irrelevant.
I just can't forgive myself, if I hadn't broken her heart telling her we needed time and had to make up my mind she wouldn't have chosen to tear me apart the same day I was going to tell her I need her forever and I want her back.
For now, I feel that doing exercise I don't focus on anything so it really helps me a lot trying so hard not to call Linda.
"You should hang out with someone else, Linda is such a nice girl and I love her but if you guys broke up you can't stay this way. You need to forget her,"
"I don't want to date,"
"I don't mean date Haz," Alexa laughs, "I mean a little lovemaking..."
"I'm not using a woman for sex to forget Linda, that's rude and disgusting,"
"Then take her on a date and see what happens. If you don't like her I won't say anything and you two can go their ways. Alice is so cute and cool,"
"Okay," I sigh, "I'm doing it... give me her number," I give up, if I don't do it now then she will continue trying to convince me more time.
"Fuck yeah!" She hands me her phone so I call her from it, Alice apparently just answer known numbers.
I walk out of my room so she doesn't listen what I'm saying, when the girl picks up and I listen to her my heart skips a beat.
"Hi Alexa," she says with her sweet voice.
I clear my throat and start talking, "actually I'm Harry, Harry Styles... Alexa's friend,"
"Yes of course, hi how are you?" She looks so kind.
"I'm good and you?"
There's silence for a moment and then I decide to speak, "so I was wondering if you wanted maybe go for a drink today?"
"Yeah it sounds fun!"
"So uhm... I'll send you a message from my phone with the address,"
"Sure! See you soon, I'm a little busy right now..."
"Yeah sure, thanks..." I say and she hangs up after saying a last goodbye. Why the fuck did I say "thanks" I'm such a dick.
I go back to the room, Alexa has my phone in her hands and I remember I didn't lock it before leaving.
"What you doing?" I ask her suspecting by her face.
"You have Linda's notifications still on, you need to forget her dude..." She shakes her head and hands me my phone.
"If you don't help yourself in this then you'll end up in a corner crying forever! Linda is already moving up and even tweeting a guy and shit..."
"What guy?" I unlock my phone and check her profile.

*@CarterBellassai okay I'll buy you new ones haha*

She tweets. I'm not even reading the whole conversation.
"I'll take a shower and get ready for my date tonight," I speak and walk into the bathroom.

"That's my boy!!"
I've been in this club for twenty minutes and this Alice hasn't made her appearance around here, she hasn't called me either or texted me.
I take my phone and pretend I'm doing something while drinking beer... how they call it here in America, and when I turn around Liam is here.
"Why are you here alone? You could've asked us to come with us," he says.
"I'm waiting someone," I explain.
"Alexa or Gemma?"
"Another girl,"
Liam frowns, "are you waiting someone like in a date?"
I nod.
"I thought you were so in love with Linda that you'd fight for her. So you just split up with your girlfriend and decide to go on a date with someone?" he asks angrily.
"You can't tell me this," I spit, "you did exactly the same so don't come and scold me Liam,"
"If you're here on a date because you want to show her that you already forgot her and I call Linda and she is hurt for your fault I'm done with you forever," he says tempered but with a low voice.
"I thought 2012's Harry Styles was over but hey he's back," he adds and walks away.
I was rude, but I'm hurt too and it just irritates me that my friends don't see how hurt I am for this but just how hurt she is. Not even my own sister asks me if I am okay daily, just Jeff's girlfriend because she didn't meet Linda. Jeff didn't meet her but he thinks she is so cute for what I told him about her, I feel like no one likes me nowadays...
But Liam is right, I don't want to hurt her and if she sees pictures of me clubbing with a girl she will be so angry. She is with Carter isn't she? He is trying to gain her love now that I'm not longer with her or even in contact so maybe I can find my own Carter today...
"Sorry for the delay, my car is broken and finding a taxi was so hard," I turn around and see her.
Hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair, her skin is tan but fits her, she is not so tall but has an amazing body and her smile is beautiful. Fuck... why does every girl needs to be this way?
"It's okay," I stand up and kiss her cheek. She smells damn good.
"Have you been here waiting so long for me?" She asks ashamed.
"Not at all, just some minutes," I lie.
"Fifth beer?" A waitress asks me and Alice laughs.
"I'm sorry I made you wait too long," she bites her lips.
"For every time you say you're sorry you'll take a shot," I joke.
"I like this game..." She bites her lips once again. "But we should go back there," she points a table in the back.
I follow her there and we sit quickly so no one takes the table first.
"Tell me about you," she crosses her pant-less legs and pays completely attention to me.
"I'm the youngest member of my family, I love singing and playing guitar. I'm from Cheshire, I have a sister who is touring with me and my parents are divorced but they're married to other people, I love sports and going to the gym, I really like having my hair long even though there's people that hates it," I speak. "Now you,"
"Well... I'm from Greece but I came here to be a model for IMG and I'm loving this place so much, I have an older sister that lives in New York City with her husband that is a chef there for a luxury restaurant. My mom isn't remarried but dad is, I love painting and writing poems, I'm not good for music at all so I just listen to it," she laughs.
Don't mess me up, life! How can she be so fucking similar to Linda? I'm here trying to forget her and Alexa finds for me a similar copy. I'm really getting tired of trying, it's been a month and a week and I can't get her off my head, I can even drink water and remember her drinking that morning glass of water she takes daily.
This is harder than I thought, why? Because I love her, I fucking love her and she's my first love.
You can never forget first loves.
"Harry, are you sick or drunk?" Alice asks me.
"No, I'm just... this isn't the best place to talk you know?" I see Liam looking at me while talking to Sophia. "We should go to the hotel, there's an amazing balcony in the highest level that is purely beauty,"
"Sure," she accepts unsure of my attitude.
We walk out of the bar with a bodyguard and get quickly into the hotel, I thank to Almighty anyone saw us or a rumour will start flying around there soon.
We get to the level, I guide her to the balcony where there are three sofas and I sit in the second one, she sits in front of me.
"You don't have to do this Harry, you didn't have to ask me out if you don't want to," Alice speaks.
"I want to, I'm sorry if I'm acting weird but-,"
"You miss your ex," she smiles nicely.
"How you know about my ex?"
"I read magazines and well... you're a topic every magazine has, you two looked so good together but if you split up was for a reason..." She sighs, "it takes a long time to forget people you dated for so long but you can do it."
"She is different, she's not a simple girl I dated but my truly first love,"
"If you fell deeply in love with her then you're not doing your homework,"
"My homework?" I ask confused.
"Gaining her back," her phone rings, "I'll brb,"
I nod and she answers her phone.
I take out mine and open Twitter.
I type "Linda Williams" and when I open one of those "Linry Stylliams" accounts I find photos of her ice skating with Carter, she is laughing and taking his hand.
My heart breaks and I realise I'm too late to gain her back, she is falling already for Carter.

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