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"No..." I push him away, "I won't have a love affair,"

"Are you dating someone?" He asks me.

"No, you're the one dating Nadine Leopold and I won't do this." I stand up with my book in my hands.

"I'm not dating her, she's just Glenne's friend and Jeff is my best friend so yeah... she spends time with us. If she happened to be my girlfriend why would we always hang out with Jeff and Glenne?"

That's so true... but I still won't kiss him.

"Thank you so much for the book, it's just precious." I say and walk inside the house and run to my bedroom.

I take a shower and wear a white tank top, denim shorts and vans. My hair is actually so wavy so I don't do anything with it because I like it, I make the bed because Maria would do all of the seven beds and I feel guilty. I open the door and see Liam running past me, he stops and turns around when he sees me.

"Hey!" He smiles and walks to me, he hugs me tight.

"Thank you for carrying me here yesterday's night," I laugh ashamed.

"It's completely okay, you were really jetlagged weren't you,"

"I was! Today I feel so good," I smirk.

"Linda!" Louis screams and runs to hug me, he literally jumps to me so I nearly stumble.

"How are you? I've missed your presence, to be honest. Have you missed me?"

"Too much it hurts," I touch my heart like if it hurt.

"Silly," he rolls his eyes laughing.

I see Zayn coming too, he sees me and hugs me tighter than never before... he even kisses my cheek. He's so nice but at the same time so shy and secretive, it's really odd seeing him talking to me but I love it.

"How are you love?"

"I'm pretty good and you?"

"I'm good," he smiles lightly. "Breakfast is ready and Maria made pancakes!" He screams of happiness and we all laugh.

I walk behind them to the table, Harry is talking to Niall and when he sees me he laughs and sits straight in his chair.

Now that I just ate a little pancake my body can receive more.

"Today's rehearsal will start in three hours guys, the awards want you to be there in two hours." Paul speaks, "So I need you all to eat quickly and if you can't finish then pack the food, go for your things and I'll wait you in the van."

"Okay Paul," Liam is the only one that answers, the rest of them continue laughing and talking like sophomores.

Paul walks away with his pancakes, they continue talking about this man that was in the airport wearing a panda costume.

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