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"I'm not feeling too well," I lie although I'm perfectly fine healthy my heart aches, stupid love.

"Well... we need to wait for Nadine though, come and sit... Drink some water," Glenne hands me a glass and I drink it in a sip.

I check side to side and then at the back so Nadine isn't here when I'm about to tell them the truth, I know Jeff doesn't believe me.

"My ex-girlfriend is here," I whisper to them, "I just ran across her and she hates me so much. I don't want to be here."

"Is it your beloved Linda?" Jeff enquires.

He knows everything about her, during my depression I just told him everything about her. It's like if he knew her and they had met before.

"She's here, I don't want her to see me with-,"

"Hey guys," Nadine speaks behind me and sits by my side, "see you with who?"

"With a stomach bug," I quickly say, "I'm really sorry... I need to go home now because I'm really not feeling good." I stand up and kiss the girls cheeks and shake Jeff's hand.

I walk to the front door and see Kaylee, Niall and Linda eating. Niall is making Kay laugh while Linda is just mixing her salad with her fork and looking at it, like if she was looking for a specific veggie inside her dish.

My feet give a step to the left instead to the front where the exit is and walk to their table. I know all of the boys are mad at me for what I told her, Liam just couldn't contain telling it to everyone and I'm not surprised he didn't tell it to the press. I know I was wrong, I know that's not how I was raised and how a gentleman should treat woman but it was my first time trying weed voluntarily so its mix with alcohol made me lose my balance and say things I don't mean, I don't even remember what I said but it's obviously something pretty hurtful.

"Harry?" Kaylee looks at me and instantly Linda does too, along with Niall.

"Hello," I shake my hand in the air, "I see you're doing better... just being here outside and sitting in a wood chair. I'm so delighted," I smile.

"Thank you." She just says.

Niall gives me the look that means "what the heck you doing here, bro?" So I just open my mouth to talk to her but I can't.

"I-," I mumble, "can we have a word?" I mean to ask Linda but I look at Niall so it's like if I was asking him instead of her.

"Sure," he stands up and walks to the room for smokers, now that anyone is here he thinks we can talk here.

I just know one thing I want to ask him so I will do.

"Who told Linda I was dating Nadine?" I inquire.

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