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They've been two hours buying one dress, if they were looking for an entire outfit it will take them 24 hours. I shouldn't have come here because I'm just so bored, I am in a trunk and my phone is about to die so I can't play anymore.

I climb out and walk to the shop.

"Have you seen two blonde girls? One is wearing a denim jacket and the other one a dark blue blouse..." I ask to a man.

"Yes sir, in the dressing room."

"Thank you," I smile and walk in there.

"I love it! I told you it will fit you perfectly," Gemma compliments her.

"I'll buy it, I'm in love with this..." She sweeps hair from her forehead and turns around, she looks at me and smiles, "hi!" She waves and I laugh.

"Did you even choose your dress?" I ask Gemma, she rolls her eyes and nods.

"Don't be a dick Harry," Linda scolds and walks to me, hits me on the chest softly and before she can move I pinch her buttock.

"You're so hot," I whisper and she rolls her eyes blushed.

When they are wearing their clothes again and pay we go to Topman, Linda is looking for something so she asked us to go with her. Gemma finds a friend here and goes to talk to her meanwhile we walk around the shop.

"This one!" She points a fedora, it's really a cool one. "Do you like it?" She asks me.

"Yeah," I nod.

"Maybe you like another one?"

"That one is the best one,"

"Try it on," she obliges and I wear it. It's really cool and I like it.

"You look hot," she stands beside me and shakes her head up and down, biting her lip. "We will buy this one then..." She takes it off my head.

"Don't buy me stuff," I plead.

"I never do! I want to do it dear," she shakes her head and kisses my chest.

We walk where the sunglasses are, she tries on some pumps from a shelf beside it.

"I feel so tall," she looks herself on the mirror. She reaches my shoulders barefoot and wearing these she reaches my jaw line.

I wear my sunglasses and start laughing at the joke I just thought about.

She frowns. "Why you wearing sunglasses here?"

"You look so hot, it burns my eyes," I joke and she bursts into laughter.

"You're so stupid!" She kisses my cheek and steps out from the heels, going back to her little size.

"Do you like those?" I point the heels.

"I tried them on because they're ugly," she explains with sarcasm.

"You're not annoying when you wear them so I'll buy them for you,"

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