When You Disappear (part one)

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You were walking to the lair while listening to music. Oblivious to your surroundings, you don't see the quick shadow run past you.

You feel a heavy tap on your shoulder. Stopping your music, you turn around slowly and find Tiger Claw. You slightly jump back in surprise. He glares and partially smirks down at you.

He growled his words, "Nice to finally meet you, (y/n)."

"Get away from me!" You try to speed off, but he grabs your arm and pulls you back. Struggling, you squirm around and kick him in the shin.

He let's go and you attempt to run before being surrounded by an army of footbots. They grab your arms and legs, lifting you in the air.

"Let go of me!" You scream louder, hoping someone will hear.

"Shut it girl!"

You struggle against their robotic grasp, causing you to drop your phone. Tiger Claw places a black fabric over your nose and mouth.

Everything slowly blurs as the darkness creeps into your eyes. Your body goes limp, and the last thing you hear is Tiger Claw's evil laugh.


You sit alone on your rooftop, awaiting Raph's arrival. Staring at the stars, you hum your favorite song. A single thin cloud passes by the moon.

Awaken from your trance, a heavy thud shakes the building.

"Raph?" You half turn your head behind your back.

"Hi (y/n)." You hear his voice, though it comes as a low rumble.

You stand and turn completely, "Why are you hiding in the shadows?"

"Come closer I have a surprise."

You cautiously step forward. As you reach the area from where his voice sounds, you hear a deap chuckle. A giant, calloused hand grabs your shoulder.

"Y-your not Raph!' You fall backwards.

"No. I'm Slash. I've heard so much about you," he steps from the shadows reaching to grab you again.

"Go away!" You kick him in the face. He snatches at your ankle and throws you over his shoulder.

"Can't wait to see the look on Raph's face when he sees his beloved  girlfriend kidnapped."

"LET GO OF ME!" You punch at his shell, which makes your charm bracelet Raph gave you for Christmas fall to the ground.


You were walking home from school, shrugging your backpack into a comfortable position. You turn a corner, leaving the small alleyway you quickly ran through.

A light buzz erupted from a fly behind you. You ignored it, figuring it wasn't a threat.

The buzzing seemed to have gained confidence, the sound increasing louder by the second. Once the sound no longer escaladed, you hear a voice that's hard to decipher.

"You will be coming with me," a buzz like pause came between every few words.

You quickly turn and see Baxter Stockman, or Buzz Kill now, flying besides you.

"Ew get away you freak!" You swing your backpack, hitting him in the face.

"That'zzz not nice..." He reached for your hand.

"I said Get.Away!" You threw your bag at him again and ran.

Almost to your house, you frantically search for your key. Then you realize that you key was in your bag.

The buzzing came again, but before you could do anything, you were slowly lifted into the air.

Swinging your legs you yell, "Put me down!" You soar over New York City.


You skipped along the sidewalk, heading for the lair. Before your final turn, you see a glowing green light bounce off of the brick walls of the buildings.

You carefully sneak over and find a container of mutagen. You bend down, grabbing the jar, and continue your walk.

"The one known as (y/n) shall return the item known as mutagen."

You whip your head around and discover three identical men holding strange guns.

"Who are you?"

"We are Kraang. And you have the item that is what is known as valuable to us," one steps forward and attempts to grab the container.

"Back off Kraang!" You try to kick the closest one in the head, but it grabs your leg and throws you down.

"Since the one known as (y/n) refused to do what is known as cooperate  Kraang will now take her as a test subject."

You stand up, dropping the jar and try to run again. Two of the robots tackle you to the ground, dragging you from the scene. You release a high pitch scream.


Once again, you were on your way to one of Casey's hockey games to cheer him on.

You hear a low rumble of snickers come from behind you. You pick up your pace and eventually run.

"Get her!" You could hear the leader of the Purple Dragons scream.

Sprinting, you turn a corner just to discover more Pg's were heading towards you.

Strong hands grabbed your shoulder. They pull you back into a group of the gang members.

"Let me go! Or I'll call Casey!" You screamed, grabbing your phone from your pocket.

They tackled you down and took your phone, breaking it in half and throwing it to the side.

"What ya gonna do without your precious phone?" Fong laughed. He snapped his fingers and the Purple Dragons lifted you into the air taking you away.

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