When He's Embarrassed

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Master Splinter was talking to you about when the turtles as kids.

"I think I have a baby book somewhere in here," he searched his room for a second before coming back with a small book.

He handed you the book and you flipped through the pages. You stopped on a picture of Leo and Master Splinter chuckled slightly at your fangirling.

"Hey (y/n) have you seen my-" his eyes widened and he pointed at the book,"Why do you have that?"

"Leo you were so cute!"

"(Y/n) put that down!" He grabbed the book.

Master Splinter took the book from both of you and handed you a copy of the picture. He smiled at Leo's embarrassment and left the room.

Leo put his head in his hands,"Please burn that."

"But Leo you were so cute when you were being potty trained!"


After school, Raph was fast asleep on the coach. Mikey grinned and tiptoed over to Raph's sleeping form.

"This is payback for gluing that wig to my head," he placed a roach on Raph's head.

You stood there laughing, knowing Raph's reaction would be priceless. Mikey blasted an air horn and Raph instantly woke up.

"Mikey what the-" he felt the roach crawl down his face.

"R...roach! ROACH! Get it off of me!" He ran back and forth around the lair screaming.

Mikey was literally rolling on the ground laughing in hysterics. Once Raph finally calmed down, he walked up to you with a red face. You tried to hold in your laughter.

"Did you do that?" He slightly whispered.

You shook your head.



Once again, Donnie was working on another experiment. You sat next to him. Donnie was mixing a few chemicals when Mikey came in.

"Yo D, Splinter wants you."

"I'll be right back," he kisses your cheek,"Mikey don't touch anything."

"Chillax dude I'm always careful," Mikey swung his hands on the air to emphasize his point. As he did so, he knocked over a few beakers, including the one Donnie was working with, spilling their contents.

Panicking, Mikey poured some of them together to fill the main beaker and left. You worked on cleaning up the mess.

You were about to throw out the main beaker when Donnie walked in.

"What are you doing?" He raised a "brow."

"Tossing this out," you shrugged.

He took the beaker from your hand. Just as he did, it exploded into smoke.

"Mikey?" He asked you.

"Mikey." You watched him run out with a slight blush on the parts of his face that wasn't covered with dust.


After Mikey pranked Raph, they've been running around the lair since. Eventually, Raph tackled Mikey to the ground.

"Raph get off of me!"

"Say it!"

"Come on Raph, leave him alone," Raph's girlfriend says.

"Not until Mikey says it."

"Raphael is all almighty and powerful." After Mikey finished reciting, Raph got off of him and left the room.

"Are you okay Mikey?" You help him up.

"Yeah... Just pretend that none of that happened."


You were waiting for Casey to finish getting ready. His little sister was keeping you company while you were waiting.

She talked on and on about random topics.

"Did you know Casey wasn't fully potty trained until he was five?"

"What?" You laughed.

"Yeah there's a picture around here somewhere..." She searches for the picture and was about to hand it to you.

Casey snatched the picture out of her hand,"Didn't I tell you to stop telling people that lie?"

"I'm not lying-"

Casey took your hand and walked out the door,"Kids and their imaginations..." He blushed.

"Yeah sure Casey."

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