Mating Season

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There will not be a lemon in this chapter so sorry if anyone was expecting one...

You walked into the lair to see all of the turtles nervous about something. (Y/t) didn't make eye contact with you as he slowly walked up to you.

"I... I have something to tell you..." He said quietly.

"Okay..?" You said.

"I, uh, we all are experiencing something right now and I don't want you to be around for it. It's only for like a week, starting tomorrow..."

"What could be so bad that you don't want me around?"

"It's not that we don't want you around, Miss (L/N),"Sensei began,"It is more so for your safety."

"I don't understand. What's going on?"

(Y/t)'s brother walked up next to him and announced,"Mating season. We are going through a period of mating season."

You muttered an "oh" in response to the news you just heard. Master Splinter insisted that you leave now before anything happens.

You decided to stay with your (aunt/uncle/grandparent/etc.)


It has been three days since you've been to the lair. You haven't talked to Leo since. Not a text, nor a call from him. None of the Hamatos were at school, which they most likely will not attend again until their mating season has ended.

You were walking home from a late practice for (sport/activity). You heard movement come from a close alleyway nearby. Your house was a block away, but instead of continuing the short route would require you to walk pass the alley. So, you turned the other way and began walking. Before you could take two steps, a hand grabbed your arm.

"(Y/n), it's me."

"Leo?" You turned to see Leo in his human form.

"But Master Splinter said-"

"I don't care about what he said. I needed to see you," he pulled you into the alley.

He kissed you before you could respond. The kiss was rough, and not how Leo would normally kiss you. You pulled away, noticing the dangerous glint in his eye.

"L-Leo you have to stop. This isn't you-" he cut you off by kissing your neck.

"Leo I'm so sorry for leaving like this," you took a smoke bomb from his belt and threw it to the ground, running as fast as you could.

You heard Leo groan in frustration.


One day. It was one day since the guys told you about mating season when Raphael showed up.

You turned opened the corner and opened the door to your room. You screamed in shock when you saw Raph at your window.

No one was home except for you and of course Raph would choose this exact moment to show up.

"(Y/n)! They're coming let me in!"

"W-who's coming?" You opened the window, instantly forgetting your suspicion.

"My brothers," he said as he kissed you hungrily.

"Raph get off of me," you pushed him away.

"What's wrong, babe, don't you love me?"

You took a step back,"Yes, I love you, but not this side of you. This isn't you Raphael."

Raph's eyes softened as he looked at you.

"(Y/n) I'm sorry. I-I can't control myself..." He looked at his hands.

"It's okay. Just go back to the lair before something happens."

He nodded and left.


Four days after you left the lair, Donnie showed up at the library. You were checking out a book for (worst subject) to help study for your next test. The fire alarm sounded randomly, causing everyone to evacuate. As you were leaving, a hand grabbed you and pulled you into the closest room.

"Donnie? What are you doing?"

He pulled you close and kissed you, leaving a trail from your lips and down your jaw.

"Don't worry, there's no fire. I just made a small chemical explosion strong enough for the alarms to sound."

You tried to push him off of you, knowing his intentions were wrong. Every time you pushed away, he simply pulled you with him.

"Donatello! Stop, please."

He continued to kiss you. The police and fire department started to swarm the building, finally getting Donnie to stop when he realized they might find the two of you.

You both ran out through the closest exit, he went down the manhole, and you ran away from the scene.


He was the last of his brothers to go after his girlfriend. He tried to fight the urges, but eventually, it took over his judgment.

You ordered pizza for dinner since your (aunt/uncle/etc.) went out with some friends tonight. The doorbell rang and when you opened the door you saw the one and only Michelangelo Hamato.

"Mikey?!" You couldn't finish a full thought before he dropped the pizza box and kissed you. He pushed you up against the wall, kicking the box away.

"I... Mikey you're supposed to be innocent."

"Oh don't worry, once this week is over I won't remember or understand reproduction."

"Mikey, we can't do this. This isn't you!" You pushed him away.

"Aw come on,dudette."

The door began to open, signaling the arrival of whoever you're staying with. You turned towards where Mikey was to find him gone. You picked up the pizza box and opened it just to find it empty.

You walked to the now opened window,"You could've at least left me one slice!"

No Casey for this chapter...

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