When You Meet Again: Donnie

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You were walking down the streets with your friend, April. She was talking on and on about having to meet her "secret" friends. This of course made you think about Donnie.

"So when will I meet these 'secret' friends, April?"

"I- uh... They don't really get along with too many people..."

You look behind you. You get a feeling that someone is watching and following you. You guess April gets the same feeling when she throws a fan in the same direction.

And who was following you? Of course the only and only, Hamato Donatello himself.

"Donnie what did I tell you about following me?"

"I-uh wasn't necessarily following you, April..."

"Um, hi Donnie. Long time no see." You smile and wave at him.

Donnie's face turns a bright pink as he waves back. "H-hi (Y/N)."

"Wait! You two know each other? How?"

"We kinda met up a few days ago..."

"So wait... You were following her?" You can hear the jealousy in her voice.

"Uh yeah. But not in a creepy way! I just wanted to give her--you," he gestures towards you," my number. Only if you wanted it though!"

You laugh. "Of course Donnie." When he hands you his number you hug him and thank him, causing him to blush wildly.

"Bye Donnie!"

"Bye (y/n)!"

April mutters something under her breath that you can't hear.

"Sorry what?"


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