When He Has A Game: Leo and Raph

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You walked up to the gate of the baseball field. Leo, too, walked up to it. You both placed your palms on the gate so it could resemble you two touching hands.

You smile,"Do good out there, okay?"

"I'll try."

"I'll see you after the game," you smile and turn away.

"What no good luck kiss?" He smirks.

"Not with this fence in the way."

Leo thought for a second then ran to the other side of the field. You turned around to talk to your friends who came with you. Someone grabs you by your shoulders and spin you around.

Leo smashes his lips onto yours. You gladly kiss back.

"Hamato! Get over here lover boy!"

"Coming Coach Johnson," he yelled back.

You sat on the bleachers with the rest of the crowd. The team took their place in the outfield and the opposing team were ready to bat.

Leo walked up to the pitcher's mound an nodded to his teammates. He studied the first batter carefully and then pitched. The ball flew over home plate faster than you could blink.

In no time, Leo's team went up to bat and took the lead. Leo stepped up to the plate and readied himself to swing.

The ball was pitched and Leo swung the bat and a loud crack was heard. The ball flew threw the air and far into the outfield.

Leo sprinted past all the bases and winked at you when he reached home plate.

You blushed as the entire crowd looked over at you.


You sat a few seats away from the pep squad. You cheered along when they announced your school's team.

Raph was the first one out on the field. He turned to you and dramatically blew you a kiss. You stuck your tongue out at him and blew one back. He smirked.

The referee tapped him on his shoulder.

"Are you done now? We're ready to start."

"I guess so," Raph walked over and prepared himself.


The quarterback, James, throws the football to Raph on the third down. Once he caught it, he sprinted.

He jumped past his opponents and edged closer to the in zone. One last competitor ran full speed towards Raph. He simply flipped over the guy and got a touch down.

Raph did a little victory dance and looked back up at you. You smile as you cheer for him.

After the game, Raph engulfed you in a hug, spinning you around.

He kisses you while he still has you in the air. You smile in the kiss.

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