When They Play Shirts and Skins

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You and Leo were walking through the park when he saw some of his friends. He waved and they motioned for him to come over.

"Hey, what's up guys?" Leo said while still holding your hand.

"We are about to play a game of baseball. And we need one more player."

"I would but I'm hanging with (y/n) today."

"No it's fine go ahead and play. I'll just watch and wait."

"Shirt off dude," Leo's friend slapped him on the shoulder.

"Why it's baseball?"

"It's a manly thing bro," another friend said.

Leo looked at you and you laughed and shrugged. Leo hesitantly took off his shirt revealing his body.

You stared for who knows how long before you came back to reality. Leo's arms flexed as he picked up the bat and readied himself to swing.

The sweat glistened on his body and dripped down his face. You cheered when he made it back to home base and scored.

After another half hour or so, they finished the game and Leo threw his shirt back on. He walked over to you and put his arm around you. He leaned down to your ear and whispered.

"I saw you staring."


The football team was practicing out on the field. There was only about ten minutes until it was over.

You walked over and sat on the bench, waiting for Raph. You glanced up from your phone and noticed Raph, along with the rest of the team, was practicing shirtless.

You smirked and blushed a little. His biceps flexed as he threw the football back and forth with one of his teammates.

You secretly took a picture of Raph. Once his practice ended he wiped the sweat from his body and looked at you with a smirk.

"Don't think I didn't see that flash (y/n)," Raph said.

"My flash was on?" You blushed.

He nodded his head yes. He reached for his shirt, which was next to you.

You grabbed it before he could and ran away with it.


"Embrace the abs Raph!"


Coach Taylor called Donnie, asking him to help with a soccer camp. Don agreed and grabbed his stuff to leave.

"Hey Don," you kissed his cheek,"Where are you going?"

"Helping Coach with this soccer camp. Wanna come?"

"Sure." He took your hand in his and you both walked out.


As Don helped instruct the kids, you helped with the small things: passing out waters and towels, giving out bandaids, or anything else you were asked to do.

They separated the campers into two teams. Don and a few of his teammates joined either side.

The boys on Donnie's team took their shirts off and attempted to flex their "muscles."

They tugged on Donnie's shirt and chanted for him to take it off too. He looked at you and you shrugged, but smiled.

He hesitantly took off his shirt and everyone cheered. You smiled at him and blushed as he played.

He walked over to you after everything was over.

"Have you seen my shirt?"

"You lost your shirt?" You laughed.

"I think one of the kids took it."

You stood up,"Guess you'll have to go without it."

He shrugged and walked away with you. You laughed to yourself as you tucked his shirt deeper into your bag.


Mikey had text you and told you to meet him at the park. Once you got there you heard a familiar "booyakasha" that led the way to where he was.

You stepped onto the basketball court and saw that half the guys were without a shirt and half were.

Mikey dribbled up to you with a grin on his face.

"Hey dudette. I didn't expect you to get here so fast."

He turned toward the basket and shot over the person guarding him.

"Well I'm here. And I sure don't regret it," you blushed.

You looked at the way his arms flexed as he dribbled and passed the ball. You looked down for a second then back up to see Mikey's abs in front of you.

"Ready to go?"

"Already? But don't you have to finish the game?"

"Just did," he grabbed your hand and began to walk away.

"How are you possibly in such good shape and you eat all of that pizza?"

"The world may never know."


It was an hour after school ended and Casey talked you into watching him play volleyball with his friends.

"Come on, you should at least let me play."

"No way, José," the guys shook their heads no.

"Casey please?"

"I think we should guys. Since volleyball is a girl sport," he smirked.

"Don't discriminate. Anyway who's team am I on?" You smiled.

"The shirts team."

Casey and a few of the other boys threw off their shirts.

"But we're on different sides... Never mind," you looked at Casey.

All this time you thought he was scrawny, but he actually had an impressive build.

He served the ball over the net and his muscles flexed with every movement.

You played with the guys for an hour before you and Casey left.

"You were practically drooling over me," he laughed.


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