When You Save Him (2)

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|Leo's PoV|

I looked up from the spilt mutagen and came face to face with footbots. I get in a defensive stance and ready myself for battle.

A snickering erupts from behind me, along with buzzing and growling. The sound of metal against the ground echoes in my head.

"Welcome turtle. So great to see you again after our last meet up," Tiger Claw snarled.

"What do you want?" I turn around.

"This time, we only want you."

"Me? What do you have planned this time?"

I felt a robotic hand grab me. I instantly started taking out the footbots.

Once the first set was gone, twice as much this time.

"You can't win turtle," Fishface said.

"And besides, we only want your mutagen," Razhaar said.

"Sorry I don't have any with me at the moment." I feel the footbots grab me again.

I struggle to get free of their grasp, but only more surround me.

"Not with you, in you," Stockman buzzes.

My eyes widen with realization as the robots pick me up and carry me to a van.


I saw a few spiders scurry across the mutagen. Then out came the one and only Spiderbytes.

"So nice to finally get a rematch, isn't it Frog?"

I glare at him, not saying a word.

"Did you improve on your Kungfu? I see you brought your salad tongs too."

"Yeah I was thinking I could serve up your teeth with them after I beat the shell out of ya."

The spiders behind him finished mutating and stood next to him.

"I don't think my friend would approve of that," he smirked at me.

"Who these spiders? I'll take them down too," I point with my sais.

Just then, my biggest fear stepped from out of the shadows. I froze.

"The cockroach..." I whispered.

The spiders attacked, spewing webs at me every now and then. I easily avoided them. I fought with ease until two more came from the mutagen glass.

The first one shot a string of webs, tying my wrists together. The second shot some at my ankles. I feel face forward and struggled to get free.

The roach picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.


I lowered my bō staff. Sticky yet slippery footsteps echo from further down the alley. I back up when a vine crash lands next to me. Then multiple come out.

One tries to wrap around my leg and I stab at it with my blade on the end of my staff.

Snakeweed stomps out of the shadows, saying words that I couldn't make out.

Moist hands pull me backwards. I turn around and see Newtralizer glaring down at me.

"Hello... Turtle..."he says slowly.

I knock his hands away and step backwards. He slams me against a wall and I sit dazed for a few seconds.

When I try to get up I feel vines tangling around my ankles. I hit at them repeatedly until my arms, too, are entangled.

I fight to get free as Newtralizer throws me over his shoulder.


A laser zips past me from the darkness. Then multiple fly out at me, followed by a hee-he like sound.

I throw a ninja star into the shadows. Out steps Beebop, dancing and making more weird sounds.

"What's up turtle?" He spins.

"Beebop? Why are you here?"

"Oh it's not only me my friend..."he moonwalks and smirks at me.

"Stupid turtle."

Suddenly, I feel as if a heavy 40 pound boulder hit my head and I flew across the alley into the wall. As I blacked out I heard Rocksteady laugh.

"Oh I'm sorry, did I forget to introduce my partner in crime?" He laughs.

I feel my limp body being picked up and carried away.


I lift my head up when I finally wake up. I try to reach for my phone, but my hands are tied to a pole. I blink my eyes a few more times to release some of the drowsiness.

I see a Purple Dragon walk in front of me.

"Hey idiot! Mind telling me where I am?" I try to sound tough through my headache.

"You're deep in Purple Dragon HQ. Now shut up!" He rolls his eyes and walks away.

"I'm not done talking to you-" I'm cut off by a punch to the face.

"You talk too much for your own good," Hun says.

"What do you want with me?"

"You're our special prize of course. The Pg's are having a brawl tonight and the winner, which will be me, gets to beat you to a pulp."

He cracks his knuckles and evilly grins.

"Some prize," I say.

"Shut up. You better rest up before our big fight," he kicks me in my stomach.

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