When You Sleep in His Room

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You walked into the lair after school. Leo had baseball practice so he would be gone for a few hours.

You greeted Master Splinter and walked into Leo's room. You plugged your earphones in and played some of your favorite music while doing your homework.

After about an hour of homework, you grew tired and fell asleep.

Practice ended early today so Leo rushed to the lair to be with you. He and his brothers went their seperate ways to either their room, the living room, or the lab.

Tired from practice, Leo could feel his eyeslids slowly closing, barely staying open as he walked into his room. He lifted the covers and felt a body in the bed. He let out a scream and fell backwards.

Leo looked up and saw it was you. The scream caused you to fall out the bed and landed with a thud.

"Leo what the heck?" You groaned.

"Sorry... I wasn't expecting you to be in my bed,"he rubbed the back of his neck.

You blushed,"Uh yeah sorry about that. I fell asleep."

"So I see," he picked you up bridal style and placed you on the opposite side of the bed. He laid on the other side and fell asleep with his arm wrapped around your waist.


You were singing and dancing with (Mikey's girl) for about thirty minutes after school since you both were bored.

After the "concert," the two of you went your separate ways. You walked into Raph's room with a smirk on your face. Under his pillow, you saw a picture sticking out.

You lifted the pillow and smiled when you saw a picture of you and Raph next to a drawing of the same scene. It was a picture of you kissing his cheek with your arms wrapped around his neck.

You heard the boys voices and footsteps coming your way. You quickly put the pillow back over the picture and jumped into the bed.

A minute later, Raph walked into the room and rolled into bed next to you. He gently pulled your body closer to his and cuddled his face into your hair, falling asleep.

After a few minutes, you looked up and smiled at him. "You big softie."

"I heard that," he whispered back.


You sat in the lab, using Donnie's laptop to research a few things for your upcoming (favorite subject) project. Eventually you grew tired and fell asleep with your head on his work table.

Donnie came in with a tired expression. He soon smiled mischievously when he saw you.

He poked your side and you squirmed in your sleep. He grinned and started tickling your sides. Your eyes flew open instantly.

"S-stop Donnie!" You said in between laughs.

"Good morning Sleeping Beauty,"he smiled and chuckled.

You glared at him, but eventually smiled. "I'll get you back."


Since Mikey's room was a mess, you and (Raph's/Girl) decided to sing and dance to pass the time. Once she left you decided to play video games.

While playing you fell asleep with the controller in your hand.

Mikey came into the room and smiled at you. "That's so adorable dudette!"

He went to grab the controller out of your hand, but you held onto it tighter. Mikey tugged again this time taking the controller. He did a little victory dance.

The force of the pull caused you to fall off the couch. Mikey looked down at you with wide eyes as he watched you hit the ground.

"Really Mikey?" You groaned.

"Sorry Angle Cakes."


You were at Casey's house waiting for him to get home from practice. His dad let you in and went back to his room.

Casey's little sister kept you company for a while before she left to eat a snack.

You went to Casey's room and looked around at all his posters and equipment he had everywhere. You sat on his bed and found a journal of his. Even though you knew you shouldn't open it, curiosity crept in your veins and you flipped the journal open.

You saw your and his name etched together in a heart and and a journal entry about you. You smiled and closed the book without reading the whole entry.

You laid down in his bed and fell asleep.

Casey came into the room and smirked at you. He kissed your for head and laid next to you.

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