When You're on Your Period (2)

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The first chapter for the Leo x Reader has been published. The Raph x Reader will be published later today or tomorrow.


You sat by Leo on the couch as he watched Space Heroes. You kept moving, attempting to get comfortable. You groaned and complained constantly, which eventually brought Leo's attention to you.

"(Y/n) can you keep it down?" Leo looked at you.

"Oh sorry Leo. I'll just cut my fudging uterus out of me. Is that what you want?"

Leo's eyes widened,"W-what? There's no way it hurts that much."

"You wanna bet?" You raised a brow.

He quickly shook his head no and turned back to the TV.


You were watching Raph train. He would constantly glance at you, but you would look away when he did. You knew he wanted you to train with him, but you were cramping today.

"I understand it's that time and all, but can you please train?"

"Yeah, next week."

He frowned and crossed his arms,"It couldn't be that uncomfortable, I mean it's just a little blood."

You raise a brow before laughing. Raph looked at you as if you were crazy. He backed away from you a little.

"A little blood? You honestly think women are on their periods for a week for a little blood? You think-"

"Okay okay. No training, a lot of blood. I get it." He walks away.


You fell asleep on Donnie's bed since he was in his lab. You felt someone shaking you.

"(Y/n) wake up," Donnie said, kissing your head.

"What is it Don?" You pull the covers over your head.

"I need you to help me with this project. It's a tracker and I wanted to see how far it can-"

"Donnie I don't feel like walking today, I'm on my period."

"You blame everything on your period," he mumbles.

"What was that?" You look at him.

"Uh I said I love you and I'll bring you some (favorite food)."

"That's what I thought."


"Aw, dudette, not my pizza!"

You took a slice of Mikey's pizza and now he was complaining about it. You rolled your eyes and smiled at his childish ways.

"It's just one slice Mikey."

"But it was the biggest slice! Just because you're on your period-"

"My period ended two days ago Mikey."

He froze and nervously smiled. He offered you another slice as you glared at him.

"Love you cupcake," he ran off.



You grabbed a bag of (favorite snack) and walked to the couch. You flipped through the channels on the TV until you found something to watch. Casey walked up behind you and grabbed the bag.

"Hey! Give me back my food. I've been wanting some of those all day."

"Let me guess, cravings?"

You pouted when he raised the bag over his head, keeping it out of your reach. You kissed him, grabbing the bag in the process, and sat back down.

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