When You Meet: Donnie

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You were out late at the library. Your parents think you're at a friend's house, but really you just needed to relax for a while.

You pack your laptop and your favorite book (books name) and walk out of the library.

"Bye (Y/N)!"

"Bye Mrs. Grace!" You walk out the library and turn the corner. In the alley to your left, you hear two voices arguing.

"I'm telling you Leo, if we use my new invention-"

"Look Donnie, it's not even ready yet. Plus we don't even need it if we..." The voice trails off. "I think someone is listening to us." You start to panic knowing that they are talking about you. You look around and then start to take off in the opposite direction when your grabbed and pulled into the alley. One of the people in the alley pin you against the wall. "It's just a girl," he had a Brooklyn accent and seemed annoyed with you.

"Umm hi there..."

"Raph don't hurt the girl." The first voice says, walking up to you. "Hi I'm Donnie."

"Hi Donnie I'm... (Y/N)..." You look up and sees if he is a giant turtle.

"Don't be afraid we won't hurt you-"

"We won't?"

"Raph shut up!"

"Guys we need to find Mikey. Now." The turtle who you believe name is Leo says.

"O-okay. Well bye (Y/N). I hope to see you again."

"You too..."before you finish your second word the turtles are already gone.

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