When You Cook Together

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I just published a PJO and Magnus Chase x reader One Shot book if you guys were interested.

Also this may be the last chapter for this book. Thank you all so much for the support for the years this book has been around. I never expected it to get so popular and it has been a dream come true for so many people to enjoy my writing ❤️
I have another tmnt x reader/Oc book and my Raph x reader (book 2) out and being updated if you guys still wanted to read my tmnt books.


Everyone knows Leo is the worst cook. Like seriously, when Leo is cooking, have a fire extinguisher nearby. Normally, you would advise that he stays out of the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking, but Leo begged and begged.

The puppy eyes were the last straw.

"Fine, Leo. What do you want?"

"Yes!" He exclaimed and did a little dance before racing to the refrigerator. "French toast here I come."

You put the stove on medium heat and grabbed a loaf of bread from the cabinet. Leo stood behind you and rested his chin on your shoulder. He sighed heavily to get your attention.

"Yes, Leo?" You laughed a little as you reached for the cinnamon and sugar.

"You gotta let me help! I promise I won't burn anything... too badly."

Rolling your eyes, you pushed his head away from you. "Fine, I'm giving you the easy job. Melt the butter in the pan. Can you handle that?"

"Pfft piece of cake... Or should I say..."

"Don't say it."

"A slice of-"

"Leo, I swear-"

"A slice of bread!" He laughed at his terrible pun and threw some butter on the pan. The moment he did, smoke engulfed the area.

The smoke detector went off. As the air cleared, Leo got a clear view of your glare. He nervously spread what remained of the butter on the pan.

"Heh, at least nothing caught on fire this time." He shrugged with a proud smile on his face. Just as he did so, some of the butter from the spoon fell onto the fire from the stove. The fire quickly grew as you fumbled for the extinguisher.

"You were saying, Leo?"


It was midnight. Raph rolled over in the bed, wide awake. He shook your sleeping form.

"(Y/n), baby, wake up." He whispered.

You managed to mumble, "What Raph?"

"I can't go to sleep and I'm hungry. Let's go make some pasta." He nuzzled his head into your neck.

"Pasta? At midnight? I hope you're talking about Ramen." You push his face off of you.

"I want Alfredo." He waited a moment for you to respond. When you didn't, he continued. "Please, babe? Don't make me beg!"

You sat up out of your sleep. "Fine, Raph, but you better not wake me up until four tomorrow."

"Yes, you're the best!"

You handed Raph the butter and whipping cream to add into the sauce pan. His tough guy attitude was completely replaced by his secret love for cooking.

You yawned. "I'm gonna start the noodles. After a couple of minutes-"

"Add the cream cheese and seasoning! Yeah, I got it, but look, I'm thinking about adding some thyme, Italian seasoning-"

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