When He's Sad/Apologizes

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This first part will be a little depressing and a few suicidal thoughts too because it was requested. So feel free to skip down to your turtle's name if you don't want to read this first section.

Being separated from (y/t/c) had a hard impact on you. You stayed in your room, cried yourself to sleep every night, and even had a few... Depressing thoughts. You would think about cutting, hoping it would help relieve the pain, but you never went through with it. Why would (y/t/c) say those things to you? Did he mean it? You looked in the mirror and instantly turned away from your reflection. You had heavy bags under your eyes, you lost weight, and your face was covered in tear stains.

Am I too ugly for him? Maybe it's my weight? Or maybe I'm not smart enough, you would think to yourself. (Even though you're all beautiful and intelligent and perfect. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :) ) Something has to be wrong with you right? Why else would he hate you so much?


Leo was a mess. Crime rose through the city, since the brothers stopped patrolling, but Leo didn't care, he couldn't care. All he wanted was his beloved (y/n) back in his arms.

He wanted to call and apologize, but he would break down before he could even pick up his phone to make the call. It hurt, but he knew that the things he said probably hurt you even more. And that brought more pain on him.

Where did I go wrong (y/n)? He replayed the words in his head. He went wrong by even saying that sentence, for ever spitting those harsh words at you.

But, how could he just walk up to you and apologize. After everything he's done to you? Would you even accept his apology?

He knocked on your door, in his human form, with flowers and your favorite candy.

"Who is it?" He heard you grunt.

"It's me... Leo."

"Go away."

"(Y/n) please. I feel so terrible. I-I can't live with myself knowing I said those things to you. Knowing that I physically hurt you. I'm so sorry," he started to sob.

You hesitantly opened the door to see his weeping form. You wiped the tears from your eyes.


He looked up and saw you standing in the doorway. He ran to you and hugged you. You hugged back and cried into his embrace.

"I'm so sorry. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Captain."


He knew he messed up big time. You've done nothing to him and yet he let his anger take over and cloud his judgment. If anything, you helped his anger. He was able to control it, until that very same you broke up with him. And even worse, out of rage, he punched Mikey in the face which lead Mikey and his girlfriend to break up.

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