When He Tries to Ask A Question

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Leo couldn't decide on whether he should tell you about his feelings or not. What are the chances you will like him back? He's a Mutant Turtle after all!

"Hey (y/n)..."

"Yeah Leo?" You ask while pausing the game on your phone you were playing.

"I-I been wanting to tell you that I..."


"Really like your shoes!" Leo blurts, to ashamed to tell you about his feelings.

You giggle,"Thanks?"

"Uh bye!" Leo jumps through your window.



You and Raph were sitting on your roof top, talking. You noticed Raph seemed tense and nervous about something.

"Raph, you okay?"

"Huh? Yeah I'm fine! Just wondering about things..." Raph jumped a little.

You place a hand on his shoulder."What's got you so worked up?"

"I've been meaning to ask you... What's your favorite color?!" Raph screams blushing. He wasn't even tough enough to tell you his feels yet.

"Um, (f/c)."

"That's nice... Bye!"



Donnie tried telling you his feelings about three days ago. He failed due to the fact that he was afraid. Today wasn't much different.

"What's up Donnie?"

Donnie jumped, "O-oh hi (y/n)."

"You seem tense. You okay?"

"I-I'm fine. Just busy."

"Okay." You smile at him.

"(Y/N) I've been meaning to ask you..."

"Yes Don?"

"What's your favorite book?!"

"Um (favorite book) I guess."

"Okay bye now!" He waves jumping into the nearest man hole.


Mikey seemed nervous about things. You noticed this while the two of you were eating pizza.

"Mikey, everything okay, dude?"

" Uh yeah! Everything is cool! Cool like ice cream!" He said nervously nibbling on his pizza.


"I have a question..."

"Ask away."

"I- uh... What's your favorite pizza topping?"

"I guess pepperoni."

"Cool! Bye dudette!"

"Bye Mikey."

Mikey jumped out your window just to return a few seconds later to grab the pizza and left again.


While walking home from school with Casey, you notice he's been a little distant lately.

"Hey, (y/n)..." Casey said finally.

"Yeah Case?"

He stopped walking and shifted on his feet a little. "I've been meaning to ask you... Something important."

"Okay. Ask away."

He hesitated for a moment and looked into your eyes.

"What's your favorite hockey team?"

"Um possibly the-"

"Mine too. Bye!" And with that he ran away.

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