Your First Kiss With Him

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Leo and his brothers have just come back from a mission. Everyone seems tired and bummed out.

"You okay, Leo?"


"Yes? What's-" Leo smashes his lips into yours and wraps his arms around your waist. You deepen the kiss and put your arms around his neck.

"Get a room, dude!" Mikey screams covering his eyes.

"Shut it Mikey!" Leo screams and continues to kiss you.


After being bored for a few hours, you decide to check on Raph back at the lair. You hear a light grunt and the sound of punching. Walking, you go to the dojo in hopes of finding him.

"Raph?" You look around confused. No one was in the room. You felt strong hands push you up against the wall. "R-Raph what are you doing?"

"I've been waiting forever to do this Chica..." Raph kisses you for a few seconds and pulled away. Before he can leave you grab his shell and kiss him again.

"Ahh get a room! First Leo now you?" Mikey yells running out the room.


Donnie was patrolling with April and Casey. While he was gone, you were watching TV with Mikey.

"April I do not like you!" You hear Donnie scream from down the sewers.

"Well I know for sure you don't like (y/n)!"

"Please shut up!" You hear Casey groan.

"(Y/n) is my everything!"

"Prove it then!"

Donnie storms into the room, sees you, and then pulled you up off the couch. He smashes his lips onto yours and you two share a passionate kiss together.

"Not you too Donnie!" Mikey complains as he leaves the room.

When Donnie and you finally pull apart, you see April glaring at you and stomping out of the lair.


"Truth or dare?"

Mikey happily bounces in his seat while he awaits your choice.


"Scared of picking dare (y/n)?" Raph smirks at you.

"Fine! Dare."

"I dare you to kiss me," Mikey says with a grin on his face. You lean in closely and watch Mikey close his eyes, also leaning. You quickly kiss his cheek and laugh at his surprised face. "No fair!"

"Okay fine come here." You laugh along with his brothers before you plant a kiss onto his lips. Mikey soon deepens the kiss and pulls you into his lap.

"Get a room!" All his brothers scream and run out the room.


Casey has been listening to April rant about Donnie and his girlfriend for an hour. It caused everyone in the mall to stop and stare. And he was just about to snap.

"I thought you didn't like Donnie?"

"I- um I do but..." April stuttered.

"Hey look it's (y/n)!" Casey said while running to you.

"Casey!" April yelled and stomped her foot.

"Hey Case what's-" He cuts you off with a kiss. He pulls you closer and you wrap your arms around his neck. This received a lot of "awws" from adults and "ewws" from the kids.

When you fiinally pull apart you see that April is gone.

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