When He Goes to High School

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You sit quietly in your first hour class. You were about ten minutes early and decided you would get some studying done for next period's test.

The door opens and a group of popular girls walk in batting their eyelashes and giggling. Behind them walks in a boy with blue eyes and a muscular figure. He looks unamused by the cloud of girls surrounding him.


The boy looks up and smiles warmly at you.

"Hey (y/n)," he starts to walk over to you when the teacher walks in and places a hand on his shoulder.

"You can sit down now girls. Anyway, let's welcome our new student, Leonardo," the teacher momentarily glares at the girls.

"You can take the empty seat by (y/n). Wave your hand please Miss (l/n)."

"It's fine I already know her," Leo walks down the aisle and sits next to you.

"Oh you've met?"

"She's my girlfriend."

"I see. Well welcome to our school Mr. Hamato."

You blush and hide your face in your book. The other girls glare daggers at you.

"Leo, what are you doing here?"

"I was curious about the whole high school experience," he shrugged.

"Well it's not much of a High School Musical..."

"As long as you're here with me, it'll be fine."


You were in your PE class waiting for the teacher to finish explaining the game of dodge ball.

"Now, before we play, meet our new student," the teacher gestures toward a boy coming out of the locker room.


"The one and only," he smirks at you.

"I see that you two know each other. Would you like to be his exhort for the day?"

"I'm pretty sure Raph would want a popular and pretty girl to show him around," one of the girls says as she twirls her hair and winks at Raph.

Raph gives her a stank face and turns towards you,"Which is why I would like my girlfriend to show me around."

The girl evilly looks at you and rolls her eyes. You flash a smile in her direction and walk over to Raph.

The PE teacher starts to separate teams.

"Raph are you an idiot? Let me rephrase that... You're an idiot."

"What did I do?"

"High school is not fun. The homework, the drama, it's terrible. The only thing you would enjoy would be the fights and maybe the sports."

"Hey, it's worth it if I get to see you more often," he smiles and picks up a dodge ball.

"You big softy," you pick up a dodge ball for yourself,"You're going down."

"Oh I'm so scared," he smirks.

The whistle blows to start the game.


You opened your locker grabbing your books for the next few classes. Commotion erupts father down the hallway. A few girls scatter to their lockers, looking on the mirror and adjusting their makeup.

You roll your eyes and grab a notebook from your backpack. You close your locker and jump backwards when you see a boy leaning on the locker next to yours.

"Donnie? What are you doing here?"

He grins at you,"I figured that being here would improve my knowledge."

"I'm pretty sure you know more than anything the teachers could teach you," you shrug.

"Yeah well you never know..."

A group of people run up to Donnie. They push you out of the way and bombard him with questions. You try to push past them, but more come and encircle him.

"Hey! Back away from Don!"

One of the girls looks back at you and snickers,"Aw does the stupid girl think that she can win his heart."

"She already has. And she's not stupid,"Donnie pushed past the crowd and wrapped his arm around you.

"Let me properly introduce myself. My name is Donatello Hamato, call me Donnie. This beautiful girl here is (y/n), also known as my girlfriend."
Everyone stares blankly at Donnie.

"Now if you don't mind, I have to go to my English class," he grabs your hand and walks away.


You sat in the cafeteria before school. You were finishing up homework when you heard a familiar word.


Laughter erupted from the other side of the window. You see someone doing tricks on a skateboard.

Curious, you walk outside and see why there was such a big crowd.

"Mikey? Why are you here?"

"Dudette! What's up?" He skates over towards you.

He leans down and kisses you. "Why didn't you tell me high school was this awesome?"

"Its not really the best of both worlds after a while..."

"I have the best of both worlds already. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"Aw Mikey," you kiss him again.

No Casey for this one because he already is in high school.
But I was thinking for further scenarios that the turtles could begin playing sports. So if you guys could comment what sport you want each turtle to play that would be awesome :)

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