When You Go to the Beach

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You and Leo walked along the edge of the sand. The water tickled at your toes as you two shuffled along, hand in hand.

You smirked mischievously as you glanced over at Leo. He smiled at you a kissed your cheek.

"Look Leo, a turtle!" You point towards the water.

He turns his head,"It's only Donnie wh-"

You push him into the water and falls face first. You laugh at him. A hand grabbed your ankle and brought you under the currents.

Leo laughs as your face emerges from the water.

"Revenge is sweet (y/n)."


You convinced Raph to play sand volleyball with you. At first, he felt volleyball was "too girly," but his mind was quickly changed when he began to get competitive.

You served the ball over the net and Raph instantly spiked the ball back at you. Surprisingly, you managed to pass the ball back over the net.

Raph attempted to do the same, but hit the ball into the net. He cursed under his breathe.

"Volleyball is stupid," he crossed his arms.

"No, you just suck. There's a difference."

He growled slightly,"Shut up."

You walk over and hug him, kissing his cheek. He smirks and pulls you closer, leaning in for a kiss.

You put a finger up, causing him to stop.

"I only kiss winners Raphael."

"Then let's finish this game so I can kick your shell."


Wanting to test out a new invention, Donnie drug you out into the water. As soon as he placed the device in the water, it exploded in a small fit of sparks.

"Sewer apples," Donnie frowned.

"Hey, since we are here we might as well do something besides experimenting," you smile.

"How about a walk along the coast?"

The two of you walked hand in hand. Neither one of you said anything. You just walked enjoying each others company. Well, you did before a volleyball hit Donnie square in the face.


Grabbing buckets and small shovels, Mikey and you decided to build a same castle. Mikey was pretty ecstatic about building one, so you couldn't say no.

Together, you built a castle that was as high as your knees. Mikey took a picture and let out a confident booyakasha.

Donnie and his girlfriend walked around your masterpiece, but Donnie fell backwards suddenly and landed on the castle.

"Aw come on D. It took us forever to make that."

"Well sorry it's not like I tried to get hit in the face,"he said while holding his eye.

Mikey simply pouted and began to build again.


You, Casey, his dad, and his little sister decided it would be fun to go to the beach. You all planned to go the same time the turtles and their girlfriends did.

Casey tried to get you to surf with him, but you weren't the best at surfing,(sorry if you are) so you said no at first. However, Casey wasn't taking no for an answer.

While on the board, you clutched onto the sides of it, holding on for dear life. Casey laughed and tried to convince you to stand.

"What's wrong? Is the little girl scared?"

"No... I just don't want to do this. That's all."

He laughed again, but this time he fell off his board into the water.

"That's exactly what you deserve Jones."

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