When He Sings

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I was wondering if anyone wanted me to publish my Leo x Reader and my Raph x Readers on here. I have them on Quotev, but never published them here. I know some of you are probably thinking that I already don't publish as often as I would like on here, but I'll try. So comment what you think.


Whenever Leo sings around you, it's usually a song he has learned from you. He sings a lot of songs from (favorite band) ever since you've gotten him hooked onto the band/singer.


Raph doesn't sing around you often, but when he does he sounds pretty good. When he's in a good mood, he will constantly hum or mumble songs he likes.


Donnie will sing to make you feel better. He'd hold you in his arms and softly sing a soothing song to you until you calm down. Any other time he sings, you catch him while his guards are down, which causes him to be embarrassed.


He sings nonstop. Mikey loves pop music and he will eagerly jam out and dance. Mikey mainly sings the popular dancing songs, consisting of artists like iHeartMemphis, Dlow, Silentó, etc.


Jones has no shame when it comes to singing. He would attempt to sing high notes like Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, not caring how bad and off key it sounded.

Merry Christmas. This was a quick update just because I wanted to post today.

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