When He Cooks for You

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(F/d)- favorite dessert
(F/b)- favorite breakfast
(F/e)- favorite entrée
(F/m)- favorite meal
(F/p)- favorite pizza


All the brothers know that Leo is the worst cook. When they heard that he wanted to bake you (f/d) they all laughed.


He knew that you wanted (f/e) but you were too busy studying to make or pick up anything. Raph decided to make you some. Surprisingly, Raph is a good cook.


He wanted to go all out and make a complete meal for you. You recently helped him finish a huge project he had been working on and he wanted to show you how thankful he was by making (f/m).


Being the great boyfriend that he is, Mikey likes to surprise you with breakfast every so often. He would make (f/b) and serve it to you while you're in bed.


Casey is a worse cook than Leo. He could put something in the oven and call it cooking, which is what he would do. In this case, he threw a (f/p) pizza in the oven for you.

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