When You Cuddle With Him

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After a long day of school you make your way through the sewers. You sluggishly walk to the couch and fall face first.

"You okay there, Sweetheart?"

"I'm tired," you mumble, keeping your face in the couch.

"Aw poor thing," Leo lightly laughs and picks you up and sets you in his lap. You move around a little until you're comfortable. He rests his head on yours and together you two cuddle into you fall asleep.


"Raph you should come watch (favorite movie) with me." You beg over the phone.

"I can't, Chica, I have to train."

"Fine I'll just ask Mikey to come-"

"I'm on my way! Open the window."

You hang up. Works every time.

Once Raph crawls in the window you put your favorite movie into the DVD player and sit back. Raph puts his arm around you and you lay your head on his shoulder. Soon, you two cuddle completely.


"Don you need to take a break from your experiments." You gently massage his shoulders.

"Okay, hun. But one more lab and I'll-"

"Donnieee." You whine.

"Fine I'm coming," Donnie laughs a little at how adorable you were being.

He picked you up bridal style and cuddled up to you on the couch until you fell asleep. After you fell asleep Donnie tiptoed back to his lab.

"(Y/n) pleaseeee."

"No." You grin at how adorable he was.


"Okay okay fine."

Mikey convinced you to finally play video games with him again, since you were still "upset" about him cheating. Mikey gently put his arms around you with the controller in hand.

You sat in Mikey's lap playing video games for a few hours together.


You and Casey were supposed to be studying for the big test in (favorite subject). But instead of studying, Casey cuddled up to you and gave you puppy dog eyes.

"Really Casey?"

"I don't want to study. Don't make me Angel." He smirked knowing that whenever he called you Angel that you blush madly.


"Yesssss!" He wrapped is arms around your waist and fell asleep.

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