When He Talks Sweet About You

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Before class started, Leo was talking to some of his baseball teammates when a girl walked by.

"She's a hot specimen," his friends whistle and compliment her.

"Don't ya think so Leo?"

"She's okay. (Y/n) is way prettier than her." Leo smiled at the thought.

"Well yeah, your girlfriend is smokin'."

"Everything is perfect about her. Her (h/c) hair, her beautiful (e/c) eyes, her great personality-"Leo came out of his trance when the bell rang.

"Hey wait up guys!" He ran after his friends.


"Are you kidding me, Jones? The New York Giants are way better than the Rams."

Raph and Casey were arguing about their favorite football teams.

"The Rams are going to win eventually. They are losing on purpose so they can come out of nowhere with a bang."

"Yeah and your girlfriend is prettier than mine. Note my sarcasm, Casey,"Raph laughs.

"She is (C/g) is way prettier. And she is a great person."

"She must be a great if she is able to put up with you and your cave mouth."

"Hey! At least I'm not a mutant!"

"That's the thing, (R/g) can see past that. Another reason why I love her so much."

"Same with (C/g). She actually likes my huge gap. Pretty sure my gap won her over," he smiled triumphantly.

"Yeah and Mikey's a genius."

"I heard that Raph!" Mikey yelled from the other room.


Master Splinter noticed that Donnie was a little unfocused during training.

"Donatello, what's on your mind?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about (y/n), Sensei. I love her so much. Everything about her makes my heart flip with joy."

Master Splinter nodded and signaled for him to continue.

"Even on my bad days or missions that I want to give up and stop trying, when I think about her and picture her beautiful face it motivates me to keep going."

Donnie smiles and starts to walk away. Master Splinter laughed at his son,"I ship it."


Mikey was babbling on and on to Ice Cream Kitty about random things like usual. You texted him and he instantly stopped to reply.

"Ice Cream Kitty do you know what I love about (y/n) the most?"

Ice Cream Kitty 'meowed' as a response.

"I love that she understands me. I love that she can accept me and my so called childish ways."

Mikey continued to talk on and on until he had to close the freezer because Ice Cream Kitty started to melt.

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