When You're Caught Staring

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Leo was watching Space Heroes and you sat next to him. His eyes were glued to the screen and he made little movements.

You looked at his beautiful blue eyes and how they sparkled in the light of the screen. His eyes were only a shade or two darker than his mask. The perfect shade of blue.

You sat admiring his eyes for who knows how long before someone tapped your shoulder. You snapped from your trance to see a smirking, and blushing, Leo standing over you.

"I'm guessing you like what you see?" He laughed.

"Maybe," you stand up and kiss his cheek. He puts one hand on your waist and grabs your hand with the other, pulling you closer to him.

He leans down next to your ear and whisper,"Because I know for sure that I love what I see."

He kisses you and goes back to watching Space Heroes as if nothing happened.


Raph was doing his daily sets of pushups. You decided to count for him since you had nothing else to do.

"103, 104, 105..." You trailed off as you focused on his arms. You looked at how the sweat glistened on his arms from his workout.

His biceps and triceps flexed back and forth with every change in motion.

"Um (y/n)? Hello?" Raph turned his head to see why you stopped counting.

"Yeah?" You kept your eyes on his arms.

"Look I know I'm sexy, but how many pushups have I done?" He smirks, but rolls his eyes.

"Um 106... I think," you noticed he got up and walked over to you. You, too, stood up and looked at him. He crossed his arms and you poked his muscles.

"What am I going to do with you?" He shook his head before bending down to kiss your forehead.


As usual, Donnie was in his lab. He was making repairs to MetalHead. You watched as he slightly stuck his tongue out obliviously due to concentrating so hard.

You smiled as you continued to observe his actions. His red brown eyes were burning with intelligence and determination.

"Hey, Sweetheart, can you pass me the wrench?" Don asked, but you didn't hear. He looked over and blushed when he saw that you were staring at him.

"(Y-y/n) are you okay?" This time you snapped back to reality.

"Y-yeah? What's up?" You noticed he was blushing and you realized why. Now you were blushing too.

"N-nothing I'll get it."


Mikey was skateboarding through the sewers with you not to far behind him. Mikey recently taught you to skateboard.

You watched as Mikey did multiple tricks and flips. Mikey flexed his muscles and yelled,"Booyakasha!"

Oblivious to where you were skating Mikey looked back at you and said something inaudible to you. Your board hit a pipe and sent you flying through the air.

Mikey caught you and looked at you with worried eyes,"I know I'm handsome, but you need to be careful Skater Girl."

You blushed and looked away whispering a quiet "thanks."


You were at Casey's hockey practice. You smiled at how the hockey arena seemed to be Casey's second home. He glided with ease up and down the ice.

You must have been watching him for longer than you tried to. One of he teammates gently elbowed him and pointed to you.

Casey smirked and at the end of the practice he brought it to your attention.

"Can't keep your eyes off of me can you (nickname)?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw you staring at me while I was practicing." He laughed.

You froze in your place and blushed, causing him to laugh even more.

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