Dating Him Would Include...

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A break from the mini series because I have writer's block and an update is way passed due. Plus I've seen a few of these around and wanted to do a chapter of my own.

Dating Leo would include...

~Him quoting Captain Ryan every once in a while. And by every once in a while, I mean a couple (a lot) of times a day.

~Meditating with him, which almost always ends with Master Splinter kicking both of you out for kissing in the dojo.

~Going on cheesy dates because who doesn't love typical movie dates every once in a while?

~Every once in a while you may get into an argument about how the mission should play out, but in the end you both would combine ideas for a successful mission.

~Kisses on the hand. He loves to male you feel like royalty and like I said before, he loves being cheesy. Also, it shows how much of gentleman he truly is.

Dating Raph would include...

~Arguing/competing on who's favorite team would win whenever your favorite (sport) teams would play. Winner would always get a kiss, so neither would mind much in the end because in a way you both won.

~Raph picking you up bridal style constantly. Even if you insist on walking, Raph would pick you up just to show off his muscles.

~Listening to music. Raph has become fond of your favorite music groups after being with you so long. There are days where you both just sit in either one of your rooms listening to music and enjoying each other's company.

~Working out. You both would go to the gym a few times a week. Once you became tired you would sit to the side and watch Raph lift weights, but some days this would be cut short because too many girls would be drooling over him.

~Raph randomly kissing you on the lips and walking away after with a smirk on his face.

Dating Donnie would include...

~Listening to him ramble on and on about different science and math topics everyday.

~Acing every science project that you would work on together.

~Him kissing your forehead because of the height difference between the two of you.

~Going on a lot of dates. His brothers stayed in the lair all the time with their girlfriends since everyone lived together now and sometimes you both would want to get out and spend time alone.

~Walks through the park.

~Taking cute couple pictures and framing them. Whenever you guys tool a picture when Don was in his human form you would post them on social media, resulting in all of your friends fangirling over the cuteness of your relationship.

Dating Mikey would include...

~Pizza, pizza, and more pizza.

~Watching throwback shows like Danny Phantom, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and Hey Arnold.

~Lots and lots of movie nights, resulting in both of you falling asleep snuggled up on the couch.

~Mikey kissing your cheek 24/7.

~Cooking everyday and occasionally food fights.

~Baking constantly because you both love desserts.

~Taking goofy pictures together that you would laugh about together for days.

Dating Casey would include...

~Many talks about hockey and the latest hockey news.

~Going to all his hockey games.

~Wearing his jersey.

~Helping him study for tests. You would bribe him with a kiss for every question he got correct, which encouraged him to study more.

~Lots of hugs. Yep, bad boy Casey Jones is a hugger.

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